10 Chivalrous Gestures of a True Gentleman

Nowadays it can really seem like chivalry is dead. More and more singles are leaning away from the dating scene. Modern romances consist of late-night hook-up calls, “friends with benefits”, and too much infidelity. In order to protect ourselves, we as women, tend to step lightly in the beginning phases of a new relationships in order to avoid the heartache that so many partners seem to cause due to their lack of commitment.

The idea of finding ourselves with a true gentleman would be completely ideal. These well-mannered men pay attention to the small details, reminding us that all of them aren’t always unfaithful. They tend to have particular habits that make them standout. Here are the top 10 chivalrous gestors of a true gentleman:

1. Opening doors
We’re not just talking about doors to restaurants; that’s the easy part. But if a guy comes around and opens the car door, you should keep your eye on him. With the extreme weather that comes with global warming that we seem to be experiencing more and more of each year, you do not want to get stuck standing in the blinding snow or the blazing heat while your ‘man’ sits comfortably in the car.

Also, observe if he opens the door for other people as well. The type of man that
thinks not only about your well-being and safety but also about those around him, is surely considerable and kind.

2. Picking you up for a date
Even if it’s just walking a few blocks to go get a drink at the nearest café, a true gentleman will go out of his way to meet you at your doorstep and go with you to your date.

3. Saving his last bite of food for you
We all know the saying that a way to a man’s heart is through is stomach. So, if your man saves his last bit of food for you, he must really like you. Sharing is caring, right?

4. Spending time with your family
Let’s face it, in the long run we all want a family man. And to find out if your guy is going to live up to your expectations of chivalry, bring him over to hang out with your family. Does he help out and play with your siblings? Show respect to your parents? Is he truly interested in who you were before you met him? These chivalrous gestures may not seem like a lot, but they are some true signs for what a future with him may look like.

5. Participating in ‘girly’ activities
He should want to spend time with you, even if it means doing things you like that perhaps he doesn’t. Like, if he goes shopping with you or to the movies… they are called ‘chick flicks’ for a reason. If your man sucks it up and does something simply because he knows it will make you happy, you might want to keep him around.

6. Sending flowers
I don’t know a single female that can genuinely say they don’t like receiving flowers. It’s a simple gesture that shows that someone special is thinking about you. Whether it be a single rose, a colorful arrangement or a huge bouquet, a true gentleman will send you flowers on a special occasion or when you least expect it.

7. Protecting you from possible harm
If your man puts his arm in front of you in the car when he has to slow down quickly or goes out of his way to be between you and possible dangers while walking down the street, he is most likely trying to protect you. How romantic!

8. Kissing your forehead
Surprise kisses on the forehead melt every girl’s heart. Heck, it melts mine when I see it from afar. This small sign of affection shows that he truly adores you.

9. Giving romantic compliments
Whether he tells you that you look beautiful or whispers sweet nothings in your ear, it’s always nice to hear sweet comments from that someone special, who would also happen to be a true gentleman.

10. Putting his jacket on you
Or even better, offering you his jacket when it’s chilly out. A man that fetches your coat for you or helps you put it on, was raised as a true gentleman.

The truth in the matter is that men really don’t have to do much to find themselves a soft spot in a girl’s heart. A little romance goes a long way when it’s obvious the man is being sincere. And like Meg Ryan said,

“I heard that chivalry was dead, but I think it’s just got a bad flu.”

Chivalry is not dead; it’s just a little under the weather and is making a comeback, one true gentleman at a time.

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