Relationships are hard work, yet we see happy couples all the time. We all strive be have a happy and healthy long-term relationship, but it seems like it’s impossible sometimes. Happy couples make their relationship happy from the very start. They invest a lot of time in expressing themselves in the beginning and making things clear. From there, they continuously work on their partnership. Follow these 10 habits of other happy couples, and your next (or current) relationship can be a happy one, too.

1. They compliment each other.
Happy couples are often telling their significant other how nice they look or how well they did something. It’s a confidence booster that makes the connection between partners stronger. Find something you like about their outfit that day or the way they did their hair. There’s always something to compliment.

2. They are touchy-feely.
In a sense, like teenagers. They hold hands when they are out walking. They hook arms or lean on each other. They hug and kiss each other. And they do it all out of habit. The physical contact between them is innocent, yet irresistible. And behind closed doors, they always make time for sex.

3. They communicate.
They talk about their days or plans for the weekend. They spend time over dinner to talk about how each of them are doing at work, at a sport, or whatever project they may be working on. They tell each other pretty much everything and check in with each other throughout the day.

4. They don’t hold grudges.
Although they may always seem like the perfect couple, happy couples argue too. Once they are done arguing, they discuss the problem and find a solution. Then they move on. They don’t see the point in holding a grudge.

5. They say “Thank you”.
Sometimes it’s the little things, but your “Please” and “Thank yous” go a long way. As a couple, you do a lot for each other. After time some of the things that they do for you may just be expected, but it’s still great to show your appreciation. If they make you dinner one night, say thank you. If they do the laundry, say thank you. If you need them to do you a favor, say please.

6. They tend to work out together.
You know that they say, “couples who sweat together, stay together.” All the positive aspects of physical activity can be reflected onto your relationship. The endorphons and physiological arousal are sure to make the two of you feel happier and more attracted to each other.

7. They keep to date nights.
Happy couples prioritize their one-on-one time. They make arrangements to be able to get out of the house together and go somewhere where the two of them can spend some time alone and talk or just cuddle. Happy couples tend to find themselves at the bar, enjoying drinks over conversation… just like best friends.

8. They trust each other.
Happy couples don’t feel the need to snoop around or ask about their partner. The level of trust is huge, and to be honest, they don’t have a reason at all to not have faith in their someone special.

9. They respect each other.
No matter how happy a couple is, there will still be two individuals in the relationship. They may not like or understand everything, but they show their support and respect them as their partner.

10. They never stop growing as a couple.
Life can throw us some huge curve balls. People and situations change. But happy couple learn how to adapt and become stronger as a team.

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