You can tell a lot about a girl by knowing what she drinks. The fun, down-to-earth beer drinkers always bring a smile to your face. The red wine drinkers are more on the posh side with a sophisticated pallet and personality (most likely). The vodka drinkers sipping on their cosmos find something to falsely giggle about no matter who they’re talking to. The rum drinkers and tequila shooters are usually fantastic dancers but tend to go too hard each night. Then, there are the girls drinking whiskey. These are the ones that you should pay special attention to. We’ve got 10 reasons why you should date the girl who drinks whiskey:

1. She’ll never give up without putting up a fight first.
Do you remember your first sip of a whiskey neat? It wasn’t pleasant, was it? Whiskey is an acquired taste that you have to fight for. Girls drinking whiskey have patience; they’ve trained their brain to like it. Whiskey girls are tenacious and go whole-heartedly into everything they do.

2. She can handle her alcohol.
And herself at that. A whiskey girl doesn’t usually switch drinks throughout the night. She’ll drink at a steady pace. A whiskey girl will probably be tipsy at the end of the night, but you don’t have to worry about having to take care of her.

3. She lives by the motto, “Quality over quantity.”
She’s well aware of the fact that she can’t throw back shots all night. She carefully chooses what she wants and savors every sip. This can be applied in all aspects of her life. She won’t fuss over the petty things. And she surely has a small group of fantastic friends, surround herself by what matters most in life.

4. She’s a strong, independent woman.
When it comes to decision making, she knows exactly what she wants. She doesn’t feel the need to fit in with the rest of the crowd, yet she holds her head high with confidence and is proud of who she is.

5. She’s surprisingly intellectual.
Whiskey girls like to read up on all sorts of topics. You’ll never feel like you’re talking to a child when you’re hanging out with a whiskey girl.

6. She knows how to appreciate the finer things in life.
She orders her whiskey neat, because she appreciates that aged flavor. Like many other things in her life, a whiskey girl doesn’t take much for granted. She’s mature and sensible like her whiskey.

7. She’s confident in her decisions.
A whiskey girl doesn’t let anyone take advantage of her or run all over any of her friends at that. She’ll stick to her ground when it comes to what she thinks is right and will probably demand respect from those around her. Some may consider her an alpha.

8. She can be emotional.
But, emotional in a good way. She’ll speak her mind at the end of the night after too many whiskeys. In general, whiskey drinkers have a passionate love for life and the people that are in it with them.

9. She’s interesting on many different levels.
Maybe not at the beginning, but after a couple drinks, whiskey girls are easy to talk to. The conversation never dies, and she’ll add in her opinion at any moment she can. She has a wide variety of hobbies and seems to be good at almost everything she does… even in the bedroom.

10. She’s probably awesome AF.
A whiskey girl is usually low-maintenance, easy-going and fun to be with. Why wouldn’t you choose a whiskey girl?!

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