Maybe cat people aren’t so crazy after all? Studies have been shown to prove that people who have cats bring special qualities to other relationships in their life. Let’s face it, cats can be complicated pets to have and it takes the right kind of people to show them love. Have you met someone who owns a cat or three? Don’t toss them aside just yet. Here are the top reasons to date a cat person.

1. They know love is something you earn.
Cat people don’t expect to be loved right away. Just like every cat they have ever brought into their lives, they know that love comes with trust and it doesn’t happen overnight.

2. They’re shy… but only at first.
It takes them a little while to open up and show all their true colors. But once they’re more comfortable with you, they’ll come out of their shell and let you in.

3. They’re patient.
Cats can be straight up assholes. Sometimes they look you straight in the eye while they knock a glass off the table. And the cat owners usually lose that war every. single. time. They have to put up with a lot of shenanigans.

4. They’re not control freaks.
Cat people accept that they can’t govern the future. Stuff happens, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. Their cats are the bosses of the house and they’ve accepted this and stepped down. Fate has a way of working its way in no matter what.

5. They’re smart.
There is nothing sexier than an intelligent person. Cats are mysteriously coy and sexy. A 2014 study showed that cat owners are more intelligent than the ever so popular dog owners.

6. They are intriguing.
They leave you wanting more, to know more about them or see more of them. They don’t put it all out there at the beginning, not to be a tease but rather to protect themselves in case things don’t work out. But once they are more certain about you, they will be more open and loving.

7. They’re not clingy.
Cat people tend to be more independent and are okay with doing their own thing. They’re not usually the type A extroverts in the crowd. They truly value their close relationships with people and tend to have less acquaintances.

8. They’re caring.
As any pet owner, they are loving beings. They take care of their pets and know that they depend on them to survive. And they expect nothing in return for it.

9. They’re empathetic.
It’s never easy to tell how a cat is feeling. Cat owners can spend every day trying to figure out what kind of mood their pet is in. And just when they think they’ve got it sorted, the cat attacks. So, human feelings are a piece of cake when compared to cats!

10. They’re observant.
Cat people tend to take notice of the small details. Rather than be involved in everything, they tend to be the ones observing from the outside. They don’t miss out on much!

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