10 secrets to better kissing.

Who doesn’t remember their first kiss? No matter the age, the situation, or place … One’s first kiss is always special. The nerves of the first time, the inexperience, the worries if you’re a good kisser, will it be enjoyable? Perhaps more even doubts arise after the first kiss than before. There are few people who don’t rehearse their first kiss in front of the mirror. To close your eyes or not; it’s really stressful thinking about whether you will see the other person with their eyes open too or if you trust that they will also have their eyes closed… But not to worry, by following these simple pieces of advice, your next ‘first kiss’ will surely be successful!

The first kiss is an experience you’ll never forget. It may be out of curiosity, true love, friendship or affection, but the truth is that you will never forget it.

Normally this situation occurs in the early stages of life, in the awakening of our feelings, to the curiosity of our senses. And usually, it seems wonderful until we give and receive more kisses and are aware of our own immaturity at the time of the first kiss.

With age and trial and error, we refine our technique and correct the defects from the first kiss.

First of all, you should know that there is no fixed rule that works 100% with everyone. Not everyone responds the same way to the same stimuli or have the same tastes. But there are some sure tricks to your successful kiss.

1. First, you should make sure that the person you want to kiss wants to be kissed. It seems obvious but if you’re not sure, keep in mind that you don’t want to force to something, making the situation very uncomfortable for both of you.

2. Your hands are important. Touch the face and hair of your partner gently. Let them speak for you before starting a more intimate approach.

3. If your partner is receptive to your touch on their face, slowly carress the sides of their face by their hairline. Be sure to make eye contact at this point.

4. The kiss begins gently and slowly, with small “pecks”. Meanwhile still stroking their hair or touching their face.

5. Gradually, you can start picking up the pace towards a more daring kiss. If your partner does not follow you, let it be them who sets the guidelines. There is no rush, sometime slow and steady wins the race.

6. Once the kiss becomes more intimate with possible “the French kiss”, you can wrap your arms around the back and shoulders of your partner.

7. Body language is important. Express yourself and let your partner feel it.

8. In order to kiss well, it’s not necessary to choke your partner. Kiss them, look deep into their eyes and don’t stop hugging. During this break, your eyes speak even more than your lips.

9. Don’t forget a kiss, a kiss doesn’t always have to be a prelude to anything else. Respect the pace.

10. Although it seems obvious, the problems of bad breath can destroy a good kiss. Keep this in mind and use mints or mouthwash.

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