Gross Ways You Know Your Love Has Reached a Deeper Level

At the beginning of every relationship, we show our best side. We tend to mind our manners, wear our best outfits and put on a nice scent. We avoid awkward convos and anything that might be considered controversial. Overtime, we become more comfortable with each other, conversations start to loosen up and we stop prepping ourselves to the max. That when the weird, gross things are bound to happen… but things that make us intimate on deeper levels. We’ve got a list of the 12 gross ways you know your love has reached a deeper level:

1. Use each other’s toothbrush
I mean why not, right? You already swap spit and other bodily fluids. You might as well share the germs on your toothbrush, too!

2. The fact that humans have hair all over their bodies becomes more obvious.
Shaving everyday sucks. And keeping your vagina hairless can be troublesome and tedious. It may seem gross at first, but after a while hairy body parts just become part of the norm. Plus, it’s a nice surprise every now and then to show up clean-shaven.

3. You stop clenching your butt cheeks together to avoid passing gas around them.
There is no denying that his farts smell like rotten cheese in a baseball bag, but he still farts anyways. And you do, too. It’s not worth the bellyaches or the risky ‘silent-but-deadlies’. Better out than in, right?

4. You talk about tampons and all things period related.
You can’t hide that tampon box forever. Women get their periods every month and there is no avoiding that fact. It gets in the way of a lot of things: sex, feelings, your pant size… But sooner or later, he gets comfortable enough to start asking you about your period and menstrual talk becomes a common topic for the two of you. Heck, he even buys your tampons for you.

5. Bathroom doors no longer close.
It might be weird at first, but by the end it’ll seem so normal that the two of you go pee without even announcing it and continue on with whatever it was you were talking about.

6. Let each other know about their bad odors.
Someone has some massive garlic breath, and you aren’t afraid to let them know. Or maybe he forgot to put his deodorant on before he went out to play some ball. You let him know that he smells bad. You’re just trying to help each other out in the end.

7. You pop each other’s pimples.
This one is controversial, but in the end some pimples just need some help. If you are willing to lend a helping hand with some of those pesky white or black heads, you are both most definitely comfortable with each other.

8. You still kiss each other even if one of you is sick.
Love is love and a day without kissing your amor is a sad day in your books. You don’t care if he can’t stop sneezing are has been running to the toilet all day. His sickness is your sickness and vice versa.

9. You don’t mind if one of you has put on a little weight.
Diets suck and going out to eat or drink plays such a huge part in most couples early dates. Once you’re comfortable with each other, you start ordering that juicy cheeseburger and the chocolate milkshake for dessert. Maybe you notice that he has put on some extra LBS, but you don’t mind. You’re in love and he’s still just as sexy as you found him to be in the beginning.

10. You cry in front of each other.
We’re not talking about a few tears because your feelings are hurt. We’re talking about the ugly cry when snot uncontrollably runs out your nose and your face crinkles in ways you didn’t even know was possible. Yet, you feel better afterwards and he still loves you.

11. You don’t run to the bathroom to brush your teeth in the mornings.
Mornings aren’t as awkward as they used to be. You no longer feel like you need to give him a tight lipped kiss to hide your morning breath. Instead you embrace it, yours and his, possibly in hopes of a little morning action.

12. Pooping is a natural process that everyone does, girls included!
Girls poop. Guys poop. We have to. Once you both start chatting about your poops in detail (consistency and schedules), you’re on a good comfort level.

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