Questions for Your Fiance before You Marry Them

Marriage takes a lot of work. And whether we like to admit or not, it isn’t for everyone. Some may never find that compatible person, others just don’t believe in it. And then there are those that, for whatever reason, suck at it. Despite all the negative opinions about marriage, it seems that most of us are looking for it in our future. We desire to meet that perfect someone. Perhaps you think you have found that someone special but, before tying the knot, go through these 14 questions for your fiance before you marry them:

1. What are your reasons for loving me?
“Because I do.” That may seem simple enough, but each person should truly know why. That other person should make you feel a certain way because of the way they treat you or because of the things they do for you. Your partner should be able to define where there love for you comes from. At the beginning of a relationship love can be blind and intense. To make a marriage work, it is important to identify the reasons for your love.

2. Do we support each other financially with a plan for the future?
Love is a beautiful thing, but in order to get on in life we also need to be financially stable. Do you and your partner have a savings plan? This is a great start to planning your future. Don’t let money be the reason that your relationship starts falling apart.

3. How will we keep up with the house and share responsibilities?
Times have changed the roles within the household. Most couple both work, meaning one of them isn’t always home to take care of the chores and do the cooking. You both need to agree on who does what and when. Whether you take turns or set up a schedule, this simple step will help both of you avoid pointless arguments in the future.

4. Why do you desire to spend your life with me?
Once you become a married couple, your life goals must fit together. You should be working together to reach a certain destination. Whether it be supporting each other 100%, or working side by side, you both must have an understanding together for the future. The rest of your life is no longer about you; rather it’s about the two of you.

5. Will you do what you can to keep the spark burning?
After years together, it’s not always easy to keep the romance alive. You need to be creative and patient at times. You have to work at it from your side, the same as your partner must regularly try. Your lives get busy and a lot of couples lose touch with each other in the mess of everything. You must make the time for each other to be romantic.

6. Will you get through tough times with me?
Every couple will definitely come to their bumps in the road. A lot of great relationships are defined upon how they get through these times. As a couple, you have to overcome sadness, anger and frustrations together. And most of the time you’ll come out stronger in the end.

7. Are you willing to lose a few arguments even if you think your right?
As human beings, we are generally stubborn people. But sometimes it’s easier to admit a loss rather than allow an argument to continue on. That’s not to say that the same person needs to give in every time, it’s also important to express yourself and stand your ground on important matters.

8. Will we as a couple always come first?
As human beings, we want a lot out of life. Sometimes we get in over our heads trying to achieve our goals. As much as we strive to excel individually, we also need to take into account our significant other. Your relationship needs to come first and if that means putting some of your life goals on hold, then so be it.

9. Do you see yourself as a loving and providing mother or father?
There’s not much thought that needs to go into this one. You either see yourself as a parent or not. The simple fact that you both want to be parents is enough to answer this question. Once you have children, the love will be overwhelming. But you both must want to be parents to really make your family work out.

10. Are you comfortable speaking about your sexual desires and needs?
Sex is an important part of your relationship. Both partners should feel comfortable enough to express their desires and needs. Couples with healthy sex lives tend to have much less problems. Express your needs, spice it up, do what you need to be sexually satisfied as a couple.

11. Do we truly listen to one another?
As long as there is nothing wrong with our ears (which will happen eventually!), we should not only be able to hear our partner but also listen to them. You should be able to interpret what they are saying and know what to do to respond or help them if need be. Lots of couples hear each other speak, but they don’t know how to really listen to one another.

12. Will you keep up with your health over the years and stay in shape?
We’ve seen it time and time again, couples get married and then start gaining weight. They get comfortable with each other and are maybe stuck in a bad routine. But it’s more than the physical aspect, it’s about your health, too. Both of you should promise to continue eating healthy and working out in order to live the longest life possible together.

13. Will you take care of me if a time were to come when I couldn’t do it myself?
Anything can happen in the crazy world we live. It’s really important to take into account the possible bad along with the good. And when something bad happens, you need your significant other to support you more than ever. Whether is be financially because you lose your job or mentally because you are a bit down, will they be your wings to help you get through?

14. Will you express your love for me on a daily basis?
It’s essential to that your partner properly expresses their love for you. We want to hear them say “I love you” with meaning. We want to see them show their love for you. Although we know it, it’s nice to be reassured every now and then.

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