Being single on Valentine’s Day can really suck. That is, if you let it. Really, it’s all in your hands. There are so many different things to do apart from mellowing on the fact that you’re single on February 14th. Do you need some proposals to help you kick start your celebration of being single on Valentine’s Day? Check out these 25 fun ideas:

1. Go for a fancy drink at your favorite bar or café. We’ve all got one of those drinks that we’ve been wanting to splurge on for a while and today’s the day to do it!

2. Watch a TV series or movie with your celebrity crush. Let your imagination take you away for a day!

3. Take a new class. Try painting or hoy yoga for example.

4. Have a spa day and spoil yourself. Get that facial you’ve been thinking about splurging on for a while now.

5. Hit up the shops and take advantage of the Valentine’s Day discounts.

6. Plan your next vacation. Those exciting holiday jitters will get your through the day.

7. Get in touch with someone you miss. It’s always a mood booster hearing their voice and knowing they’re doing well.

8. Watch your friends’ kids so they can enjoy a night out sans children.

9. Go to a comedy event. Laughter cures all.

10. Set up a day trip with your other single friends. Go hiking or wine tasting in the country side.

11. Throw an “Anti-Valentine’s Party”. Pick any theme you want and decorate accordingly. Maybe a vampire “Love Bites” theme. Or even something as simple as an “I Love Me!” theme.

12. Do a gift exchange with your other singles. Whether it be a dirty Santa theme or you just pick names from a hat, exchanging gifts always makes you feel good inside.

13. Get a makeover. Change up your hairstyle or let someone professionally do your makeup. We promise you you won’t regret it.

14. Find your favorite Single’s Playlist and have a dance party in your living room… in your underwear! Like Cristina Yang always said to Meredith Grey, “We have to dance it out!”

15. Have a 24 hour digital detox. Log out of your social media apps and enjoy a day without stalking other people’s lives.

16. Pig out. Order in your favorite take-away and indulge in the fact that you don’t have to share it with anyone else.

17. Go out with a single friend and pretend you’re a couple. Make it an over-the-top romantic date for the two of you to truly enjoy.

18. Get your palm read or do a psychic reading. Find out what’s possibly just around the corner for you.

19. Get in touch with your dating app matches. They’re single too, maybe they’ll be up to something non-Valentine’s Day, yet interesting.

20. Go on a first date. Why not? Go through your matches and find someone that you’re sure you’ll have a good time with.

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