While first dates are typically spent at a nice restaurant followed by some expensive cocktails, you don’t have to spend that amount of money on every date. Plus, the whole restaurant+drinks gig can get kind of boring after a while. Step out of your comfort zone, save some money, and try some of theses incredibibly fun, cheap date ideas:

1. Make a pizza together
You can meet at the grocery store, pick out your favorite toppings and beverages of choice and head back to your place. Back at the house, you both and relax and make the pizza together, half and half while enjoying a nice drink.

2. Wine or beer tasting
Taste a variety of wines or explore new types of beers. Check out your local microbreweries for soe great deals or local vineyards. If the wine tasting is a bit expensive, have your own tasting at home!

3. A picnic
Is there anything more romantic? A blanket, a bottle of wine and some delicious cheese. It can be as simple as that and you can trust it will be well worth it.

4. Karaoke
Many people love to sing. And although it may be true that not everyone likes to sing in public, watching others do so can be quite entertaining… and cheap!

5. Local music events
For very little money you can take your date to a free outdoor concert or to a local bar with some live music. Music = fun and happiness.

6. Visit your local animal shelter
Everyone loves puppies and kittens! (Unless they’re allergic, of course.) Spend some time walking around and giving some love to those poor abandoned animals. Maybe you’ll even find one you’d like to foster…

7. Watch the sunset
For this you just need to plan out the perfect spot and how much gas you need to get there. Get there early enough to spend some QT together before the sunset starts.

8. Go for sushi
Nobody can resist Japanese food. A light snack with just a few rolls of sushi would be perfect for a quick date. Don’t forget to order some sake to spice things up!

9. Go to breakfast together
Breakfast is by far the cheapest meal of the day. And who doesn’t like starting their day with that someone special?!

10. The couple who pedal together, stays together
Rent a tandem bike and exercise while exploring the city. Healthy and fun. For those of us that lack the coordination for a tandem bike (myself included), rent two individual ones. Your wrists and knees will thank me later.

11. A romantic stroll
Is there something cheaper and more romantic than a walk around the country side or city streets hand-in-hand? I think not.

12. Do something cultural
Visit a museum together and enjoy the wonders offered by art. Check out the smaller museums in your area and be sure to find out which days and times they offer free or discounted entrance fees. You’d be surprised what some of them have to show. Not every museum is a boring history museum. Or find an art opening!

13. Fly kites
I’m sure it’s something you both haven’t done in years, but it’s relatively easy (on the right day) and you’re guaranteed to have a blast. Even if you don’t manage to get your kites to stay up for long!

14. Go roller skating or ice-skating
Did you know your local hockey arenas have pubic ice-skating hours? Or find a roller skating rink. But you must be warned to take it slow, our balance is like it used to be! Hold on to each other tight and make your way around in circles.

15. Have some friends over and play board games
Sometimes it’s good to be in company of others. It breaks the ice a bit and allows for different type of conversation. Find a fun, challenging board game for all of you to enjoy over some finger foods and drinks.

16. Go shopping
Go to the mall and walk around. Pop into some shops and try things on. Buy a big cookie to split or some milkshakes to walk around with. No matter what the weather is like, you can always go here to enjoy some time together.

17. Putt-Putt
How about a mini golf session? A little competition between the two of you to get your adrenaline going! The winner gets a free kiss!

18. Movie marathon it up
The options are endless! Find a movie (or TV series) that you think you’ll both enjoy and get cozy on the couch!

19. Go fishing
Find someone with some fishing rods and drive out to a river, lake or pond. Even if you don’t catch anything, you’re sure to have a good time.

20. Bowl
Most bowling alleys have special nights with crazy lights and groovy music. Plus, you’ll both look hot AF with those sexy bowling shoes on.

21. Start a puzzle together
This can be a great way to sit down and have a casual conversation without feeling the pressure of being in public.

22. Go for a hike
Find out where some good trails are in your area. Make it even more romantic by finding somewhere with some scenic views.

23. Volunteer together
Consider local charities around town. The two of you could volunteer a couple hours at a soup kitchen or maybe the Red Cross. Check out The Humane Society for more options.

24. Workout
There are so many workouts online for couples to do. Pick one of your favorites and meet at the local park to try one out. Your endorphins will surely be up by the end.

25. Go stargazing
Pack a blanket and some hot chocolate. Find a place outside of the city center and look at the stars. You can also download one of the many apps out there to help you distinguish the different constellations.

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