Things Men Consider Unattractive in Women

Women may think that they are doing everything right to attract men and get a date, but they will be shocked to find out some of the things that guys find unattractive. Here, 25 different men reveal their opinions and tell us 25 things men consider unattractive in women.

1. “Women with too much makeup. It looks unnatural and most of the time unattractive up-close. It just leaves us wondering what she’ll look like when she takes all her makeup off… Will we even recognize her?!”

2. “Close-minded women. It’s hard to get on well with someone who is incredibly reluctant to try new foods or new experiences. Plus, these types of women can be extremely boring.”

3. “Sappy women. It’s one thing to be sensitive or emotional from time to time. But someone who cries all the time is not attractive and makes men nervous.”

4. “Overly provocative women. Men are attracted to natural women. Excessively tight clothing leaves little to the imagination.”

5. “Flatulence and belching are not suitable. Especially on the first dates.”

6. “Self-conscious women. They’re constantly touching up their makeup or looking at themselves in anything that shows their reflection. It gets really annoying knowing that they aren’t looking at you or fully involved in the conversation.”

7. “Insecurity. Women should be confident about who they are and express themselves accordingly. Confidences exudes sexiness.”

8. “When women don’t communicate very well. This has been a big factor for me meeting women online. Some just answer yes or no with no further details and then don’t ask the question (or any for that matter) in return. It makes me think they have very little interest in dating me.”

9. “Those who think they are the most important thing on planet earth. All they do is think about themselves and a man can be rest assured that this is not a good quality for a long-term relationship.”

10. “When they don’t eat. I, myself, am a very healthy eater, so I can respect someone that wants to watch what they eat. But it’s quite uncomfortable when she doesn’t eat anything or just nibbles on some lettuce. I didn’t ask her to dinner so she could watch me eat, ya know? ”

11. “Someone that doesn’t respect the other’s privacy. Whether it be looking through the guy’s cell phone, following up on him, etc. If there is no trust at the beginning of the relationship, there certainly won’t be any at the end.”

12. “Super feminists. I’m all for women’s’ rights, but I’ve dated a few women that are constantly putting down men and I just started feeling like I couldn’t do anything right in their eyes.”

13. “Fakeness. Why pretend to be someone you’re not? You cannot do it forever and these types of women obviously aren’t thinking about being in the relationship for the rest of their lives.”

14. “Laziness and procrastination. A woman who is ambitious and true to her word is sexy beyond words.”

15. “Gossips. When I find myself with a girl that is constantly bad-mouthing others, I know it is time to cut things off and steer clear of her. A woman that can have a nice, intelligent conversation without having to put down others is much more attractive.”

16. “Girls that talk about their ex-boyfriends all the time. We don’t care, especially not at the beginning of the relationship. We want to get to know you, not your ex.”

17. “Those who play too hard to get. At the beginning it may seem like she’s being flirtatious, but there comes a point where she just. doesn’t. stop. It’s a turn off after a certain point.”

18. “Women that don’t shave. You don’t have to shave everything, but I think I speak for most men when I say underarm hair isn’t attractive nor are long leg arms poking through the panty hose. Keep it neat, that’s all.”

19. “Too much perfume. I can appreciate someone that smells nice, but damn do I get a headache when I go on a date with a girl that has literally bathed herself in some strong-ass perfume. And then that’s how I remember her… no matter how pretty she was.”

20. “Women who try to always be perfecT. Naturalness and spontaneity are points in your favor.”

21. “Bad dental hygiene. Your teeth don’t have to be perfect, but your breath shouldn’t smell bad. It’s just a big turn off.”

22. “Over-the-top party girls. I love to go out and have a good time but it’s hard to keep up with someone that is out every night, until the wee hours of the morning. Not to mention the heavy drinking. It’s all just very unstable.”

23. “Materialistic girls. Constantly talking about jewelry, handbags, shoes, clothes… It sounds so shallow to men and makes us think you are only interested in money and finding a man who can support your habits.”

24. “Negative Nancy’s. Women that only see the bad in everything can be mentally draining. I’ve tried over and over again to make them see the positive side of things, but it’s exhausting and unattractive.”

25. “A needy woman. A woman should always value her girlfriends and prior friendships. If she becomes very dependent on a man, she’s losing a part of herself. This can be a bad sign for both parties of the relationship.”

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