Most men like to think they come off as attractive to women. No matter what age, style, or social status. Although a lot of men may have the same intention, some of them just go about it the wrong way. The worst part of all, they have no idea. In order to sort things out, they desperately need to know what the problem is. Here’s a list of the top 25 unattractive things men do (according to 25 women).

1. “Women do not like insecure men. Know what you want and be confident about it. But without being overbearing. Go about things in a self-assured way.”

2. “Who likes a man with long, dirty fingernails? YUCK. Take care of your health and your self-image.”

3. “A man must age with style. Some face wrinkles are sexy, but wrinkled clothes never are. Keep up to date with the latest fashion trends.”

4. “Men who can’t stop talking about themselves are arrogant and really annoying. These are usually the muscle-men that are obsessed with their gym routine and how they look. It’s not interesting and no one cares.”

5. “An unstable man is never a good sign. Red flags pop up for me immediately when I see that they behave differently in private than in public.”

6. “A depreciating man is the most unattractive thing in the world. A man should praise his woman, support her and always tell her she’s worth it.”

7. “Those men who think they are a godsend and expect women to bow down at their feet. Um, definitely not going to happen.”

8. “Ugh, bad breath is repulsive. There is no excuse when the solution is as easy as candy or mouthwash. Noone, wants to gag during their first kiss.”

9. “Bad table manners. Burping, eating with your mouth open, drink sloshing. I’ve actually walking out of a first date before because of his atrocious table manners.”

10. “Men that are constantly touching themselves. Like, especially at the beginning of a relationship. There’s no need for it. You may be well endowed, but it’s not the time or place to be directing attention down there.”

11. “Loud, potty mouths… There is no need for being the center of attention by yelling and using cuss words.”

12. “If he doesn’t come dressed appropriately. It’s one thing if he doesn’t have a good sense of style, but we’re talking a whole other ball game if you can tell he just doesn’t care what he looks like… or smells like for that matter.”

13. “Men with bad attitudes. They lead to bad moods… and it’s an all-round bad idea for anybody’s future.”

14. “Men who are always trying to be funny. It’s so important to make a girl laugh, but when it’s non-stop trying, they become quite annoying.”

15. “Men who are only looking for sex. It’s the most frustrating thing when you put yourself out there and have high hopes for a date, only to find out his only goal was to get you back to his place.”

16. “There are men who believe women and relationships are temporary. Women want a committed man.”

17. “The men who go overboard with compliments. It gets to a point where you can tell they have memorized as many one-liners as they could before going out on the date.”

18. “An indecisive man. Nothing is sexier than a man who can propose (good) plans.”

19. “Men with no life goals. They need to be at least a little ambitious. Women are attracted to men with goals.”

20. “Fake, passive men. I’m talking about the ones that go along with everything you say and never form an opinion for themselves.”

21.- “The playas and pimps. They are simply problematic.”

22. “The man who feels superior to others, when in reality they are just showing themselves as an insecure person.”

23. “An uneducated man. Men who read are sexy.”

24. “Lazy, boring men. A man needs to be somewhat active. I’m not saying they need to be athletic, just have ambition…”

25. “Men who drink too much. It may give them a confidence boost on the inside, but I can promise you that most of the time they look really stupid on the outside.”

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