7 reasons to date a nerd.

Bad guys. We do not know the reason, but men looking like tough guys with tattoos, long hair and stubble attract women. These kind of guys are the horror of mothers and envy of every girls’ friends, after all they are conquering a rebel. But what about the good guys? Yes. Typical good, formal boys. Usually they go unnoticed and almost no girl notices them… What a pity! It’s a real shame, because they have many good things to offer. Don’t you think so? So pay attention.

1. The good guys, especially the nerds, are usually sincere. Most of them are used to being laughed at. They are used to having the most stunning girls not look at them. They have many good things to offer. And they don’t hide their qualities.

2. If you look at the workplace, nerds have dedicated most of their lives to studying and getting a good job. They have secured their future. This is an important point which the bad guys do not usually have.

3. Generally, these kinds struggle to start a relationship with a girl. So when they do actually get a girl, they treat her like a princess and she becomes top priority for him. Isn’t it lovely?

4. The good guys tend to have classic hairstyles and sense of style. But they are always open to change, to makeovers. With the right advice, your nerd will turn out to be a perfectly polished diamond in the rough.

5. If you are looking for a gentleman, a nerd will be your perfect man. He will pull your seat our for you, open doors and make you feel like a queen. Tough guys don’t tend to be so polite so to keep up their bad-boy reputation. Chivalry and manners are two important values for all the good guys.

6. The guys which are nerds can also be referred to as “geeks”. It is a very common nickname. And they tend to associate with people that have similar tastes and hobbies. This means that you will be surrounded by good guys. Typically, they will be happy to include you in their group of friends. And the rest of their friends will welcome you with open arms.

7. For a nerd, his girl is his princess, his goddess. Nothing is more important than her. It doesn’t matter what you look like or what you’re wearing. That’s a very important because you won’t have to worry constantly about your appearance.

You have to give a chance to the good guys. You can find a real treasure.

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