In general, women are complicated. Men oftentimes stray away from independent, strong-willed women. Maybe they think life would be easier that way, but we think they are way off. A simple girl will have a simple mind, with simple goals and will only be able to offer you a simple life. If you marry a complicated girl, your life will be so rewarding. They may push you to your limits, but you will always be a better person in the end because of it. Here’s 8 reasons to hold on to a complicated woman:

1. She’s got very high expectations.
There are no doubts about what she wants from you and out of the relationship. Maybe some of her expectations are ridiculous and completely out of reach, but not all of them. Trying to do what she expects of you will not only make you a better person, but will also strengthen your relationship.

2. Respect is high up on her list of priorities.
We all tend to respect each other more in the beginning of relationships. But with a complicated girl, your respect for her will never change. Mainly because she won’t let it happen. Respecting her become a part of your everyday lives, and you wouldn’t want it to be any different.

3. She is constantly on the go.
You’ll rarely find her surfing the web for hours on end or binge watching Netflix. A complicated girl can’t stand sitting still for too long. They like to be busy and often involve themselves in loads of projects and social commitments. You’ll never feel bored with a complicated girl as she’ll expect you to tag along with her most of the time.

4. She will push you to work harder, challenging you in every way.
A complicated woman will never let you give up. You may want to quit but she will encourage you to keep trying. She can easily recognize where you are gifted. Your best interest is always at heart, even though it may not always seem that way. She wants to see your talents shine through and certainly won’t let them go to waste.

5. She is able to make you a better person.
Sometimes it may seem like she is being cruel, but we can guarantee that a complicated woman is always trying to make a better person out of you. They want to see you succeed. You have to understand that when a complicated woman loves someone, she also loves to seem them at their best.

6. She is sensitive, yet passionate.
She may take the little things to heart, but it’s because she truly cares. Her oversensitivity may even push you away at the beginning, but you will grow to learn that it is all because of her passion. Dealing with an emotional woman may seem like a turnoff, but it’s much better than one who doesn’t show any emotions and lacks communication skills.

7. She is smarter than you.
Marry the girl whose eyes flicker with passion about a number of different subjects. Marry the girl who is your equal or greater. Your conversations will be on a deeper level than you’ve ever imagine. She will always be surprising you with new interests or thought-provoking facts. She will hands-down make you a better person.

8. She can debate with you, agreeing to disagree many times.
Having a partner that put up a fight in a conversation keeps life more interesting. Someone who always agrees just to keep the peace, is not a genuine someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Sure, it may be easier, but damn would that be boring. Find that complicated woman that knows how to debate, not argue, and express her contrary opinions. You don’t have to agree on everything, you know?

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