Are you falling for someone who is an Aries? Or maybe you’re an Aries yourself. As the first zodiac sign, they light up the world with passion and perseverance. Unlike the dreamers of Pisces, Aries are the “go getters” that make things happen. To be in a relationship with an Aries is nothing short of amazing, but be warned, it comes with its challenges. These are the top things (both good and bad!) to know before falling in love with an Aries.

1. They’re independent.
It is very important that you respect an Aries alone time. They hate having to depend on anyone or anything, so they create a very strong independence themselves. Due to this strong desire, Aries have a hard time committing at first to a long-term partner. Give them enough time (and space) to let their guard down and show you their love.

2. They’re deep thinkers.
Aries have a different way of thinking about things. Their conversations are intellectual and inspiring. They will show you to view the world from a different perspective.

3. They’re fierce.
Being part of the fire signs, Aries are passionate by nature. They put their heart and soul into everything they do, especially in the bed room. Aries love a good time behind clothes doors and are always up to try new things. Get that Aries fire burning, and you surely won’t regret it.

4. They’re easily bored.
You could compare an Aries to an ADD toddler. They can jump from one thing to another if they’re not being entertained. That goes for their dating life as well. If they feel bored, they’ll move on to the next person without even blinking an eye. Be sure to keep your Aries amused and occupied as to not lose their interest.

5. They’re born leaders.
Their sign is a ram after all. They like to lead the pack and take charge of situations. Their initiative in every situation gets things done in a timely manner.

6. They’re get what they want.
You can say that Aries people are quite impatient. Their innate passion drives them to seek out exactly what they want or need… sometimes to the point of being aggressive. Their ruling planet is Mars, the “God of War”, which means they are out to win and achieve they’ve put their minds to. If someone tried to hold them back, beware! An Aries doesn’t like being told no.

7. They’re extremely loyal.
Any enemy of their loved ones, is also their enemy. Aries feel the need to protect their friends and family and will do anything to prevent them from getting hurt. They have no problem with confrontation whatsoever.

8. They love with all their hearts.
If you have captured the heart of an Aries, there will be no doubt about it. Deep down, they are fierce hopeless romantics. Consider yourself lucky if you have captured the heart of an Aries.

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