9 Signs You're with a Woman, Not a Girl

The difference between women and girls has nothing to do with how old they are. Some 30 or 40 year-old females are ‘younger’ and much less mature than what society may consider as girls. Your future will be quite altered with a girl rather than if you’re with a woman. In order to determine if your future someone is mature enough, you should take into account these 9 sings you’re with a woman, not a girl:

1. A woman’s style is classy, yet visually appealing. A girl’s attire is usually for the wrong kind of attention.
Women are confident and feel at ease in their own skin. They know that they don’t have to show every part of their body in order to create a sex appeal. A girl feels she has to be half naked in order to feel more attractive and get attention. A real woman knows that having a man respect her and her body is much more precious.

2. Women are constantly looking to learn more, see more and do more. Girls tend to stick to their comfort zone.
Women are explorers and want nothing more than to live life with a passion. There is no limit to what they can do. They want to travel and learn about new cultures, broadening their vision in life. Girls are happy with what they have and don’t think they need anything else in their life to make it complete. They’re not interested in leaving town and are typically only interested in what her close friends are up to.

3. Women encourage others and support those around them. Girls are insulting and degrading.
It seems that girls feel a need to gossip and talk negatively about other people. They do this just to make themselves feel better than others. Women find actual joy in helping others. They are uplifted by the happiness of those around them and create a positive environment that you can’t help but want to be around.

4. Women are capable of communicating their expectations. Girls expect people to read their minds.
Although many may wish that it were possible, men are not psychics. Girls lay down subtle hints and then throw temper tantrums when no one understands them. A woman will be able to articulate her feelings and make her opinions clear while also being able to communicate with her partner.

5. A woman can hold her own in an intelligent conversation. Girls often chat about insignificant topics.
There is a big difference between having a conversation with a girl and having a conversation with a woman. Women are interesting and intriguing. They take the conversation to new levels by conversing with you and teaching you a thing or two. Girls, on the other hand, find themselves incapable of carrying on long conversations and tend to change the topic multiple times. Probably because they don’t have sufficient knowledge to participate in the conversation like a woman does.

6. Women are economically stable. Girls expect men to spoil them and pay for everything.
Girls can be frugal and would never offer to pay on a date. On the contrary, women are financially stable enough to want to pay on a date every now and then. They don’t want to feel like they are being taken care of. A woman is independent and doesn’t choose her man based on how much money is in his wallet.

7. Women don’t go overboard when it comes to alcohol. Girls binge drink like party animals.
It’s so easy to spot the gold digging girls at the bar. They’re just looking for a man to buy them their next shot, drink or bottle to get to an unacceptable level of drunk. But a woman’s goal isn’t to get in as many drinks as possible because she knows that a sloppy drunk is not attractive. That’s not to say that a woman doesn’t know how to have a good time; she drinks responsibly and stays classy while having fun.

8. Women have social lives. Girls have social network accounts.
Girls are continuously having a look at their Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter profiles. They feel the need to be praised with their selfies and always seem worried about what’s happening on your page, even getting mad at you for not putting up a picture of the two of you together.
Women have friends and a busy social life. They make plans with their friends, attend events with your friends and even spend time with both of your families. That’s not to say they don’t enjoy their Facebook account, they do. They just go about it differently, putting up fun pictures of friends or sending nice messages to someone they are thinking about.

9. Women are independent. Girls need to be taken care of.
Destiny’s child has been saying it since 2001, and an independent woman is a sexy woman. Their strength and confidence radiates from them. Girls like to play the easy hand and do as little as possible to get by, depending on others to support them and help them out whenever and wherever.

While it’s not always easy to distinguish whether you are dating a woman or a girl, it’s important to consider this topic for the sake of what’s to come. A future with a real woman is much more promising than a future with a girl.

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