Guys, especially all you nice guys out there, I bet this has happened to all of you at least once. You find yourself falling head over heels for someone, just to realize (after months I may add!) that she only wants to be your friend. You find yourself thinking about where you went wrong or how you didn’t figure it out sooner. I can assure you that you did nothing wrong, but yes, you should have figured it out sooner. The following are the top 9 signs you’ve been friend-zone by your special gal friend.

1. Going out usually involves other people she’s invited.
If you call her to go for drinks and she brings along a friend or two, she’s probably not trying to spend intimate time with you. And when you do spend time one-on-one it’s never a date per say. You’ve probably noticed by now that she’s never made a move on you either.

2. She talks to you about her crushes.
She’s totally honest with you when it comes to talking about guys she’s attracted to and she’s not doing it to make you jealous. She even asks you for dating advice to help her get the attention of these guys.

3. She doesn’t return compliments.
Have you tried flirting with her and complimenting her? Did she smile and say thanks? Yeah, friend-zoned.

4. You talk about everything.
She calls you almost every day just to chat. Her purpose of calling is to have a conversation and not to get to know you better or ask you on a date. She’s so comfortable speaking with you and she tells you pretty much everything… even things you wouldn’t mind hearing.

5. She changes her clothes in front of you.
And she doesn’t even think twice about it. She’s in no way trying to be sexy about it or get you turned on. She’s changing in front of you the same way she would do with her girlfriends.

6. She calls you after a heartbreak.
Another man has failed her yet again, and she calls you wanting to be consoled. Although you know you would treat her better, unfortunately she not calling to get together with you.

7. She reiterates what a great friend you are to her.
In reality, she says the word friend a lot when talking to you and describing you. You’ve probably been told that you’re such an awesome friend or just like a brother to her. You may even get the friend greet… you know that one where you clasp hands first, hug and the pat each other on the back. If that’s happened to you, you’ve most definitely been friend-zoned.

8. She tries to set you up with someone else.
She tells you how perfect you are and while you may take that as a compliment, she doesn’t mean that you’re perfect for her. She really does care about your happiness and knows that you will treat a girl right.

9. She’s made you promise that if you’re both still single at 40, the two of you will get married.
If this isn’t friend-zoned, I don’t know what is. She’s basically telling you that you’re her back up in case she doesn’t find anything better… yet she knows there’s something better or otherwise she would already be with you.

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