April fools' day

Laughter is the cure-all and April Fools’ Day is just around the corner. There’s only one day a year when you can full on prank your partner without feeling a tad bit guilty about it. Now we don’t want you going and doing anything that could ruin your relationship, but a little fun never hurt anyone! Do you have your April Fools’ Day pranks ready? We’ve put together some entertaining ideas for you to choose from.

Happy Easter!
Lucky for you April 1st falls on Easter Sunday this year making the April Fools’ Day pranks even more fun! Carefully unwrap all the foiled eggs and replace them with something about the same size. For the Cadbury Eggs, you could hard boil normal eggs and wrap them up. For smaller eggs, you could wrap up grapes. Either way, your loved ones will have quite the surprise when it’s chocolate they’re expecting.

Another egg-celent idea is to put Brussel sprouts in the plastic eggs! You could even use inedible, yet useful items, like paperclips or rubber bands. Another use for Brussel sprouts is to cover them in chocolate and turn them into cake pops. Now that will be a surprise when you bite into it!

You could also fill your favorite marshmallow peeps with some hot sauce. Just carve out a little hole on the bottom and fill it with sriracha sauce or something similar. That’ll put a little pep in your step Easter morning!

Shadow bugs.
Print off some cutouts of bugs and tape them inside the lamp shades. Once evening rolls around and you switch the lights on, it will look like your house has been infested!

New puppy.
Send your partner a text telling them that you’ve adopted a puppy or a kitten. Make sure you have a picture of you prepared with whatever animal you choose. Send them the picture as proof. They may take the news good or bad, but either way they’ll be looking for an animal when they get home!

Towed car prank.
Wait until your partner is asleep or in the shower and move their car down the street. On April Fools’ Day they will go to where they left their car and have an absolute panic! They will either think that it has been towed or stolen!

Donut surprise!
Who doesn’t love surprise donuts to start your day? Before you give them the donuts, heat them up for a few seconds and let the original filling come out. Replace it with any sauce of your choice… ketchup, mayonnaise, BBQ, mustard, hot sauce, YUM!

Plastic wrapped shower.
This one takes a bit more work but will be worth the laugh! Tightly cover the tops of all their bathroom products with a layer of cellophane plastic wrap. Be sure not too use too much as it will hang off the sides. If you use just the right amount, the top with screw on over top of the plastic wrap.

Candy mix.
In a large bowl mix up M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces and Skittles. As delicious as they all are on their own, they’re do not taste very good mixed together! And they are hard to choose apart.

Pen cap glue.
Superglue a pen cap securely on a pen. Try your ‘hardest’ to get it off and then ask for assistance. This will be especially frustrating for those ‘know all, do all’ types

Whoopee Cushion.
Ah, the classic April Fools’ Day prank! I don’t care how old you are, this one never gets old. Put some whoopee cushions under their favorite spot on the couch. Or if you think your quick enough, slip it under them as they sit down at the table. This prank is even better if you can manage to do it in public!

Tattoo for life.
Text them and tell them that you got a tattoo of something ridiculous. Whether it be a picture of them or some crazy thing you like and your partner hates (Nutella for example). Find someone (or yourself) who knows how to work Photoshop and get it placed on your body. It will look so real your partner won’t know what to do with themselves!

Mouse out of order.
By simply putting a tiny piece of tape of the mouse sensor on the bottom, it will stop working. This is a quick prank that they will probably figure out in a short amount of time, but the bit of frustration they’ll have thrashing it around on the table will be hilarious.

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