Dating an emotionally mature man is key to a successful and healthy relationship. Immaturity brings about unnecessary problems and arguments. Finding someone who not only cares about themselves, but those around them makes a big difference. So how can you avoid learning the hard way if your man is immature or not? Pay attention in the beginning of your relationship and look out for the following signs to find out if you’re dating an emotionally mature man:

1. He shows responsibility.
He tries his best to be emotionally mature. He realizes when he needs to step up and accept responsibility. He not only takes care of himself, but also those around him. What’s best is that he rarely complains and does everything without having to be asked.

2. He’s motivated.
He has goals and aspirations that he is always fighting to achieve. Whether it be physically or mentally, he works hard to get what he wants. He is passionate on many different levels and his ambition for himself and your relationship will only make the two of you grow together.

3. He learns from the past.
An emotionally mature man isn’t one to repeat past mistakes. He accepts the bad decisions and learns from them. He is continuously growing as a person, striving to become a better person in all facets of his life. By bettering himself, he also betters all of his relationships.

4. He makes appropriate decisions.
An emotionally mature man can evaluate the consequences of his decisions and choose to do the right thing. He is conscious of harmful choices and decides to do what is right for you and your relationship.

5. He’s emotional.
With being emotionally mature comes the fact that he is emotionally intact with his feelings. He’s not afraid to show how he feels and doesn’t run away from his emotions or problems. It’s not healthy for anyone to suppress how the feel. In order to handle situations in the best way, they should be able to express their feelings rather than bottle them up. This may not be easy for a lot of men and it’s not important that they are emotional with everyone. The main point is that they know when to be emotional, and lean their partner, friends or family when they need to. Men cry too, ya know?

6. He can openly communicate.
It’s important that he can openly communicate with you. Whether is be a willingness to discuss difficult issues and just his plans for the weekend. He can admit when he is wrong and is prepared to talk about it. Commination is one of the key factors for a healthy relationship and a happy couple. An emotionally mature man can also recognize when his partner needs to have an important conversation. He doesn’t avoid it and can easily approach the situation allowing the relationship to continue growing.

7. He has close relationships with family and friends.
He’s not afraid of leaning on someone close to him for some guidance or advice. The people he surrounds him with are down to earth and solid. As the saying goes, “You are the company you keep.” If he has a good foundation of mature friends and family, you will see that maturity reflected in him and his decisions.

8. He’s a great pillar of support.
An emotionally mature man has no problem being there for his partner or friends. He is a great shoulder to lean on and is open to helping his loved ones with any problem they may have. He doesn’t see it as drama he has to avoid, rather he sees an opportunity where he can uplift and lend a helping hand.

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