International love. It’s a beautiful, complicated thing. Just when you thought you had love all figured out, in comes walking in someone so intriguingly different than you. The sparks fly and the fires of passion burn. It’s no easy task holding together a relationship with two different cultures involved. While we’ve already given you some great tips for dating someone from a different culture, today we would like to talk about everything you will get out of this unique relationship. The benefits of dating someone from a different culture far out way the difficulties you will come across as partners.

1. Try new foods.
The way to anyone’s heart is with delicious food. The cuisine around the world is amazing and far richer than what you think you have tried in your local international restaurants. When you date someone from a different culture, they will show you the real dishes from their country. You’ll be genuinely surprised by what the bring to the table (all puns intended).

2. Learn a new language.
In a lot of cases, a different culture means they speak another language. If that’s not the case, they will certainly have a different way of expressing themselves. Either way, you will be broadening your horizons and your communication skills. If your partner speaks a different language, you should make the effort to learn it. By even speaking just a little bit of another language, your chances of achieving a job will increase. Additional studies have shown that bilingual people are less likely to show signs of Alzheimer’s and those who do, do so at an older age. Learning something new is always an enriching experience. Take advantage of dating someone from a different culture by learning and picking up on the way they communicate.

3. You grow a thicker skin.
You’re always going to have those who may disapprove of your cross-cultural relationship or how the two of you go about it. You learn that you can’t please everyone, and you are your partner have to do your best to make it work. On the other hand, both of your families will want you closer and friends will want to see you more often, but unfortunately you can’t be in two places at the same time. As long as you and your partner are on the same page, you make the differences work and in turn the relationship a success.

4. Learn about new traditions.
Your typical traditions are great, and your new, culturally diverse partner will never want to take those away from you. (Or at least they shouldn’t.) The two of you will be able to embrace both of your traditions. So, get your party pants on, because the year is going to be full of fun and surprises!

Apart from holiday traditions, you also have the way the two of you were brought up. Being raised in a particular country has a huge effect on how you are as a person today. In an international relationship, you both need to be aware of these differences and embrace them with respect.

5.Create cultural mixes and new traditions.
Not only will you be able to incorporate both of your traditions, but you will find yourselves creating new ones. These will be special times that mean so much to the two of you.

6. You get to travel more often.
Dating someone from a different culture usually means that both of your families are not living in the same place. While you may not be able to see them all equally, you will get to spend time traveling to visit everyone as much as possible. And not just to visit family, you’ll also travel for the new experiences and to better understand the culture. It’s great to get your feet wet and fully emerge yourself in the cultural diversity!

And once you start traveling, you’ll soon realize it’s hard to stop. The itch of wanderlust can get to even the biggest homebody. Getting to learn just one culture, won’t be enough for the two of you. You’ll want to travel as a couple, learning about as many cultures together as possible.

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