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You start with your first date. And then there is a second, and a third, a fourth… But when does it officially change from dating someone to being in a relationship with them? It’s not like we’re in middle school anymore. We don’t get the simple, “circle yes or no” question. So how do you know? Dating vs relationship, how do you know?

What is dating

When you are dating someone, it’s usually the beginning of what you hope to become a relationship. By definition, it’s the process of getting to know someone on a romantic level. So that means you need to be doing activities together to see if there are some sparks between the two of you. Neither of you are obliged to only see each other as there isn’t a 100% commitment during the dating phase. But be careful that your partner doesn’t think you have moved on to an official “relationship” because you might have problems if they find you out with someone else.

If neither of you are the types to talk about it all and put the relationship tag on your courtship, check out these signs to see if you have moved on to a relationship:

Dating vs Relationship

1. You stop looking for other people to date.
It doesn’t have to be a forced decision, and most likely it will happen on its own. You’ll find yourself logging in less to your favorite online dating websites because in all honesty you don’t want to meet anyone else. You’re completely ok with being monogamous.

2. You feel comfortable around them.
You’ve gotten rid of those first date jitters and you don’t feel like you need to be a certain way around them. You being you is enough, and it feels amazing.

3. You can hangout without really doing anything.
Life gets busy and we’re always on the go. You would never have imagined running errands with your prospective partner, but it’s actually enjoyable. You enjoy their company no matter what you’re doing. It doesn’t have to be a fancy date anymore.

4. You make most of your plans around your special someone.
When you think about what you’re going to do in the future, they’re usually there. Whether it be weekend plans or prospective vacations for the summer, you find yourself leaning toward things that you know your special someone will also enjoy with you. It’s not only about you anymore, and you kind of like it.

5. You’ve shown your true colors around them.
We’re not perfect, no one is, and sometimes we get upset or disapprove of something. Obviously, you don’t express yourself so clearly on the first dates where you are much more formal and tend to think opinions in your head rather than say them out loud. But overtime, as a relationship develops, it’s extremely important to say what you like and don’t like. Arguments are normal and healthy for a successful relationship. It’s how to two of you work through them that counts.

6. You’ve introduced them into your circle of friends.
Your friends are a big deal to you. If you feel strongly enough about someone you’re dating, you’ve problem sought out your friends’ approval. But not only that, your friends like them and casually include them in their plans with you.

7. The sex has reached a new level of pleasure.
It’s not just casual sex anymore and there are feelings that go into it now. Everything is more intense, and you find yourself looking for ways to please them more than the time before. As a single person, sex can be a very arrogant thing. But once you’re in a relationship with someone you tend to take yourself out of the picture a lot more.

8. It goes both ways.
Your feelings (to you) are pretty obvious. But deep down inside, you know your special someone is feeling the same thing for you. Start picking up on the little details and you will start to notice it all as well. If you’re not 100% sure you’re both on the same page, find a way to talk about it and make it official.

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