Pisces is a water sign represented by two fish. This shows a depth that they have. They are very spiritual like a mermaid and truly believe that they have a soulmate out there perfect for them. Falling in love with a Pisces can be tricky, but if the two of you are compatible, your love will reach new depths that you didn’t even know were posible. Here’s what to know if you’re falling in love with a Pisces.

1. They are looking for true love.
They are helpless romantics. They love to share emotional aspects of their life with their partners. They are very in touch with their feelings and express themselves easily. They love having a partner that can receive and reciprocate this type of open communication. But not just communication, Pisces love showing love. Be affectionate with them and always remember to give them hugs.

2. They are devoted and loyal.
They genuinely care about you and want the best for you. If a Pisces likes you, they will show it with loving compassion. They easily find the good in people and tend to latch on to this good side. They will never give up on you or your relationship will give you chance after chance. They let the feelings from their heart reign. Since they are a water sign, they adapt to any situation before giving up on it.

3. They are intuitive.
Pisces are known to have old souls. They seem to have lived and learned another life. They tend to see straight through superficial acts. Pisces easily pick up on cues and know how you are feeling. If you’ve had a crap day, they will sympathetically feel it.

4. They are giving.
Pisces love to help other people. They are giving with their time and hearts. They tend to put themselves in situations where they give their whole hearts to try to rescue someone. This isn’t only applicable to people, but also with projects.

5. They are deep.
Pisces tend to go deep into their thoughts and thoroughly process them. As an outsider this may seem confusing to you, but they are naturally deep thinkers.

6. They are dreamers.
They like to roam free and push away people that try to overprotect them. They love to have fun and live in their own dream world. They don’t like judgmental people and don’t like to hear a harsh, honest truth. They are capable of separating the two realities and will never give up their exciting, imaginative side.

7. They have a lot of passion.
They wear theirs hearts on their sleeves. They go all in, and they have the capability of looking straight into soul and captivating every part of you. They know what they are sure of and will fight for what makes them feel passionate. With the passion comes a lot of intimacy that you will discover in the bedroom.

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