First dates can make or break the future of a relationship. Each person’s purpose for dating is different, but a bad impression can ruin in all. People tend to leave a situation and only remember the negative things, and that’s the last thing you want to happen on your first date… especially if you’re interested in a second date. The common mistakes that people make are quite preventable. The following are 12 common first date mistakes which you should try your hardest to avoid.

1. Arriving late.
Your first impression speaks a million words on a first date. Don’t show up late… not even “fashionably late!” It’s rude and no one likes sitting around waiting by themselves.

2. Looking at your phone.
Checking your phone while you’re on a date shows and immediate sign of disinterest. You probably don’t mean for it to come off that way and it’s just a habit you have but keep your phone out of sight on the first date. We even recommend wearing a watch, that way you don’t even have to check the time on your phone. As we said before, first impressions are crucial.

3. Disrespecting the wait staff.
You should not only be respectful to your date, but to everyone around you. By disrespecting the general public, you are showing an ugly side of yourself and other people pick up on it pretty quickly. This is a huge red flag for a lot of people.

4. Bad table manners.
Did you know a lot of people have a slight phobia for sloppy eaters called misophonia? You never know if your date is going to be immediately repulsed because you’re chewing with your mouth open or slurping the last sips of your drink.

5. Talking too much about yourself.
Obviously, you want your date to get to know you, but keep it to a minimum. Try to avoid bragging about certain possessions or skills you may possess. If you feel like you have been talking to much, try to turn the conversation around and ask them a similar question. And most importantly, let them talk!

6. Binging on drinks.
Don’t overindulge on alcohol. Try to keep it to a few drinks throughout the night. A big mistake a lot of people make is drinking too quickly and on an empty stomach. Slowly sip on your cocktail and order some food to share so it doesn’t go straight to your head. You may think the alcohol is calming your nerves, but once you go overboard, you could leave a really bad impression.

7. Bringing up an ex.
This rule is mentioned time and time again, yet people still find a way to bring up their ex on a first date. There will come a time and a place where it is appropriate, but it should be 100% avoided on the first date.

8. Not considering your posture.
Your body language can say more than your actual words. Consider how you’re sitting and the message you are giving off. Try to sit somewhere were you can face your date and appear open and interested in conversation with them and not something else in the area.

9. Acting standoffish.
This is a huge first date mistake that many people commit without even realizing it. The last thing you want to do is give off the feeling that you’re unapproachable. Don’t cross your arms or turn off to the side. This may make your date think that you are either insecure or not interested.

10. Failing to ask questions.
This may lead to one of the other mistakes of also talking about yourself too much. On a date there should be active listening with an actual conversation. It shouldn’t be too one-sided. Like we said before, if you feel like you’re talking to much, ask some questions or change the topic to get them more involved.

11. Bringing up controversial topics
Your first date should be fun and easy-going. Conversation should be light. Be careful with controversial topics. Avoid talking about politics and religion. Just like it shouldn’t be brought up with friends over drinks, it shouldn’t be spoken about on your first date. While you may value a partner that shares certain values that may be considered controversial, keep in mind that if there is going to be a future, there will also be a second or third date to bring up with sorts of subjects. You can express your interest in politics without proclaiming your left of right views.

12. Being over endearing.
While you may feel an instant attraction on your first date, try to avoid whispering sweet nothings in their ear. You don’t want to scare them off or ruin anything that may happen in the future. And using cute pet names too much can be really annoying.

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