How to activate profile.

After registering, you must activate your profile to start meeting people! First of all, in the upper right corner you have your profile tab. When you push in the triangle, you will see all your options to participate in this community, as you can see in the above image.

Remember, it is very important to activate your profile in order to offer as much information as you can. Your better half is waiting for you and thanks to these imperative details on your profile, your soulmate will be matched with you even quicker!

So first things first, you have to go to ACTIVITY. Here, you’ll probably start posting a message for the community: Introduce yourself, write your feelings, what are you looking for… It’s up to you! Besides, you have a quick view about your personal activity, members you are connected to, your friends in ExperimentLove and groups where you participate.

Profile and Activity profile's configuration.

Profile and Activity profile’s configuration.

The second option of your PERSONAL PAGE is PROFILE. Here you can EDIT all about you: BASE PROFILE with your personal information as your gender, your age, the city where you live… And so on with ABOUT ME, I AM LOOKING FOR, LIFESTYLE and PHYSICAL information.

After completing these forms, you can start looking for your soulmate. Use the NOTIFICATIONS, MESSAGES, FRIENDS and GROUPS functions to connect via this social network and talk to other ExperimentLove members.

Every time you log in to ExperimentLove your profile will inform you if you have new messages or notifications about other members who want to connect with you.

I want to meet my soulmate now!

Invite your friends
You can invite your friends to ExperimentLove too. It’s possible to send emails or notify with your social profiles in other social networks.

Another interesting option you can configure is about your personal SETTINGS. Here you can change your password or change the way you receive email notifications.

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