someone is soulmate material on the first date

You can’t always explain it, but sometimes when you meet someone you feel an instant connection with them. Some call it love at first sight, but they probably didn’t call it that immediately after the first date. We tend to put our guards up at the beginning to protect ourselves just in case the person is someone completely different from the persona they are showing. But sometimes, there’s just no denying the chemistry between you and someone. Here are 7 ways to know someone is soulmate material on the first date.

1. The spark is alive and burning.
You can’t explain it really, but there is a massive attraction between the two of you and you felt it instantly. Follow your gut and your intuition because it’s right more than it is wrong. You can feel your heart fluttering with every new topic you talk about. You may even feel like you’ve met this person before… maybe even in another lifetime. True soulmate right there.

2. You’re craving to know more about them.
One date just wasn’t enough. You want to dive into all of their stories and listen to them talk about themselves for hours. Curiosity is a wonderful sign for your future with this person.

3. You have similar values.
You don’t have to have the same value, but it’s important that you both agree on a certain way of life. Whether is be that you feel strongly about religion or any other particular lifestyle. If the two of you are on the same page, things are certainly looking really good for your future.

4. They didn’t do anything to raise and red flags.
Over the years you learn what are “no-gos” for you. Always hold these things close to you when starting to date someone and put your foot down when a date has one of these negative qualities you can’t stand. If on your first date, you don’t see any red flags fly up, this could definitely be your person.

5. There is an all-round level of respect present.
Respect is something that can be seen within the first minutes of a date. Pay attention to your date and see if they show you respect. This doesn’t mean they need to be out of the way chivalrous, but that they are respectful to themselves, to you, to the wait staff, or who ever else may cross paths with the two of you.

6. You’re comfortable and can act like yourself.
Maybe you were nervous at the beginning, but in no time you notice that you are completely relaxed and acting like yourself with them. You don’t feel like you need to put on any sort of front for them or please them by going extremely out of your way. You honestly feel like being you is more than enough.

7. You have similar visions for the future.
While the first date may be a bit too early to talk in detail about the future (like marriage and kids haha), pay attention to the ambitions that they have for the future. Do they someone line up with what you have in mind? Soulmates will often find that their futures are extremely compatible leaving neither one of them have to sacrifice any of their visions or goals

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