It’s amazing how emotionally connected you become to someone you truly love and care about. It seems like you can feel what they’re feeling from miles away. Some couples even claim to know when another has just experienced something emotionally charging. Whether it be that they are jumping for joy or are in the midst of a panic attack, the other person just gets a strange feeling. And if that can happen without even being with them, then imagine how hard it is to physically see your boyfriend or girlfriend sad and having a hard time. You would do anything to help them, but unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. Everything gets better with time, but meanwhile here are some ideas you can use to help a sad partner and cheer them up.

Make their favorite meals.
There is a certain comfort we can find in food and everyone has their favorites. Remember, there are no calories while eating comfort food in times of need. So, make that extra cheesy mac n cheese or order pizza and Chinese! A good meal will work wonders.

Leave small details around the house for them to discover.
Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a premeditated idea left for later. Put a sticky note in the book they’re reading. Leave a piece of chocolate next to the coffee machine. Write a hidden note on the mirror so they see it when they get out of the shower. If it doesn’t make them smile, it will at least make them feel like the want to smile!

Send messages.
It’s amazing how much a little text message means to someone who is feeling down. Whether is be a kiss emoji, a funny GIF or just a short hello, they will appreciate it… even if they don’t feel like replying at the time.

Take them out for some fresh air.
Going for a walk and doing some light hiking can do wonders on someone’s emotional state. It’s not only a good distraction to get out of the house and out of your head, but there’s also excessive amounts of vitamin D that does the body good.

Let them have their space.
Everyone’s different, but many times someone who is sad just needs some time to be sad. If they ask to be alone for a bit, respect that. Don’t let it go on for too long but give them some time to be alone.

Don’t force them to open up to you.
It’s hard to talk about things when you’re sad. No one wants to be a blubbering mess. Let them come around and talk about it when they’re ready. Tell them you are there for them and open to listen when they feel prepared to talk about it.

Cuddle with them.
This depends on the person, but having someone to just lie down with them and cuddle with helps. It’s a nice reminder that you don’t always have to talk about it but you’re there no matter what.

Run extra errands.
Let them have more time to relax and disconnect. Take away the little stresses of everyday life by doing something for them. Wash the dishes, do the laundry, go pick up whatever it is they need to be picked up. There’s no need to say that you’re going to do it, just do it and let it surprise them in a good way. (Well, make sure you tell them if it’s something they can’t right away see so they don’t do it too!)

Physical contact, a shoulder to lean on, someone embracing you. Give them a long, strong hug.

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