Falling in love is exciting and that romantic fire burns wildly. But overtime it begins to settle and couples become comfortable with each other, oftentimes forgetting to keep the spark alive. It’s important to remember that your partner is not only your best friend, but also you’re lover. With these 10 tips, you’ll be sure to keep the embers of love burning in your long-term relationship.

1. Acknowledge your feelings.
Sometimes we don’t say it enough, but a simple, “I Love You” everyday makes a hell of a difference. Tell them, “I like you” or “You make me happy” to change it up every now and then. It may seem petty, but it’s genuinely nice to hear.

2. Respect them.
Say “Thank you” when they do something nice for you. Ask them how they are doing and genuinely listen. Ask them how you can help them if you’re not sure how. There will be many differences along the way that the two of you won’t agree on, but try your best to respect their opinion and acknowledge that you respect it.

3. If there is something bothering you, don’t keep it in.
Communication is key is successful relationships. You can’t keep brushing off the little things that bother you. Eventually they accumulate and could possibly result in an explosion of emotions and resentment. Calmly express the problem and suggest how it can be avoided.

4. Support them.
Throughout long-term relationships, many personal goals change. Whether it be your career or a new hobby, its normal to have change in our lives. But with change can come stress. Support your significant other in whatever they put their mind to. Tell them, “I’ve got your back” or “I truly believe in you” and show them your support.

5. Turn off the phones.
Technology may be the best and worst thing for us all at the same time. But when it comes time to one-on-one time with your partner, put the phone away. Nothing kills romance more than seeing the other person chatting away while you’re trying to talk to them.

6. Do a favor for them.
Expected or not, when someone does something for you, you feel it on the inside. Go out of your way to pick up something from the store they’ve been meaning to get or fix something around the house that they’ve been wanting to get around to. It’s the little things that will remind them how much you love them.

7. Try new activities together.
Travel, go hiking, pick up a new hobby. New is exciting and it can be intimate when the two of you can share it together. Never stop making new memories to share together.

8. Have sex.
Sex is a crucial part of relationships. Make time for sex no matter how busy you are. Tell them how attractive you think they are. Share a sexual fantasy of yours with them. All of these things will be sure to keep the spark alive in the bedroom as well.

9. Establish a date night.
We get busy… with work, sports, family, friends, you name it. And even though the two of you see each other, you don’t see each other alone in private, intimate situations. Organize a night for the two of you to go out and be together without anyone else.

10. Consider your own happiness.
You must love yourself first before you can truly make another person happy. Treat yourself every now and then. Make sure you’re ok with you from time to time. Balance is necessary in the relationship to keep the spark alive.

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