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Learn to love yourself the way you are. It’s important that we stop focusing on our faults and start focusing on loving ourselves first and foremost. Finding true love can be difficult and it doesn’t happen overnight. But if you first have self-love, you will be sure to attract a partner who will also love you for you. Check out some of the ways you can start falling in love with yourself.

1. Have fun alone.
Learn to enjoy time by yourself without relying on others. Go for walks, to the movies, for a coffee. You’ll be surprised how much fun you can have when it’s just you.

2. Travel.
Travelling is a learning adventure in and on its own. As you learn about new places and cultures, you also learn about yourself. Travelling is a huge growing experience that allows you to step out of your comfort zone and discover new interests.

3. You make mistakes. Be sure to forgive yourself.
As human beings, we make mistakes. The important part is to learn from those mistakes and forgive yourself for doing wrong. Don’t dwell on what you could have done differently but remember what you will do differently should the occasion arise again.

4. Don’t compare yourself to those around you.
We’re all different and we all have different situations. As the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side. You never know what may be going on with someone else, and therefore shouldn’t be comparing your life to theirs. Focus on you, where you are and the happiness that you can find within yourself.

5. Be sure to exercise a few times a week.
Exercising is a huge contributor to your level of happiness as it releases endorphins. You may thing you hate it and you may really dislike it in the moment, but after a good workout there is no denying how good you feel. Make a habit of it.

6. Make a habit of writing in a journal.
Write down how you’re feeling, get rid of any negative thoughts. You can use your journal as a reference to see what you did in the past to overcome certain obstacles or adverse situations.

7. Sing.
Even if you don’t have the best voice! Singing also releases endorphins and also oxytocin, which is known to lower stress and anxiety. So, the next time your favorite song comes on the radio, don’t be afraid to belt out some tunes!

8. Dance.
Not only is dancing fun, but it also boosts your confidence. Taking into account the physical and mental benefits of dancing, put on some music and start moving your hips.

9. Cherish your friendships.
Know which ones are toxic and which ones bring a positive light into your life. Try to focus on your friendships (both family and friends) that support you and are behind you living a happier life.

10. Do the things that have always interested you.
Don’t be afraid to explore something you’ve always thought you would like to do. Whether is be a hobby like painting or something active like rock climbing. Go for it and give it a try!

11. Smile more often.
Even just the act of smiling sends positive messages to your brain (even if you don’t mean it!). Dopamine, serotonin and endorphins are released which all makes us feel good and reduce stress and anxiety.

12. Learn to say NO when it’s necessary for you.
We tend to feel obliged to saying yes and helping when we can. But sometimes we get in over our heads with it and let people take advantage of us. Everything can’t be about pleasing others and it’s important to remember that you need some time for yourself as well. Don’t over commit.

12. Read your wish list books.
Do you have a list of “to read” books that you’ve been putting off? Find the time for yourself to start reading them. Even if it’s just 30 minutes every no and then. Finishing a good book is one of the best feelings! Plus, the benefits of reading are also undeniable.

13. Trust yourself.
Keep to your gut instincts. If you have a bad feeling about something, don’t do it. Trust how you feel about people, situations, events.

15. Take care of your appearance.
If you feel good, you will radiate confidence. Sure, its nice to stay in your PJs or sweatpants every now and then, but from time-to-time, spice up your look. Where that dress that makes you look sexy or that tie that gives you a certain edge.

16. Do outdoor activities.
Go get you some of that “sunshine vitamin”! Not only does Vitamin D fight diseases, but it also reduces depression and improves weight loss.

17. Let go and forgive the past.
Resolve any problems that you may be holding onto with friends or family. Resentment cannot be forgotten and it’s only holding you back from being a happier you.

18. Laugh at yourself.
Instead of getting frustrated, laugh about it. Spill coffee on your shirt this morning, laugh it off. Petty situations that we have no control over are not worth betting angry or frustrated. Laugh at the situation and evaluate how you can fix it.

19. Make a challenge for yourself.
It’s not all supposed to be easy. Set goals that may be difficult for you to get through. You will feel so proud of yourself on the other side.

20. Don’t judge.
Instead empathize. Consider why someone is the way they are or why something happened the way it happened. Being quick to make a judgement can lead to negative consequences.

21. Write down your achievements.
Making note of the little things everyday can turn what you thought was a terrible day into a not-so-bad day. It’s so easy to focus on what went wrong rather than the many little events that went right. Maybe you woke up early enough to eat breakfast and beat traffic. Or you picked up someone’s dropped change for them. Even these little things can lead to huge achievements in your future.

22. Discover your passions.
What are you good at? What do you love doing? It may take you a while to figure out exactly what that is, but when you do be passionate about it!

23. Do people favors without expecting anything in return.
It doesn’t always have to be give and take. Don’t expect things from other people but remember to appreciate them when people to a favor for you.

24. Connect with yourself.
Take a few minutes everyday to either meditate or self-reflect. You may not feel the effects at first, but you will learn to love this time connecting with your inner thoughts and feelings.

25. Love yourself in the present.
Don’t reflect on bad memories. Be proud of who you are now and remind yourself that you have matured and developed and are a better version of yourself today.

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