Love Isn't Always Pretty

No one ever said love was easy. In fact, love isn’t always pretty. It’s different every time. Sometimes it’s beautiful and intense. Other times it is ugly and emotional. It’s strange how love can bring out so many different feelings. But then again, maybe that’s what makes it so amazing. It’s an unavoidable feeling that human beings can’t help but partake in.

When the word ‘love’ pops into our heads, we imagine hearts, kisses, holding hands walking down the beach watching the sun set. It embraces everything beautiful. But deep down inside, we all know that there are other types of love. The worst of all, is that dark, sad kind of love. The kind of love you feel when you know that person will never feel the same way for you. A love that will never amount to anything; that will never evolve.

Sometimes love just isn’t enough. We are all brainwashed by fairy tales and movies. You hear people all the time saying that if two people love each other they will find a way. But come on, wake up and smell the coffee! We need a lot more than love for something like a happy relationship to work out.

Our world is run by irrational lies about love. We can dream all we want about that fairy tale love, but the reality is that not everyone work out together. Sure, every couple has their differences and a lot of couples can see past these things they don’t like about each other. But on the other hand, some couples just aren’t meant to be together. Maybe they’re not able to accept their significant other for the way they are. Or maybe they just can’t see the other person as a compatible long-term partner.

As we have mentioned before, love just doesn’t make sense. If it were all just based on that fuzzy feeling we get inside us about a certain someone, it would be a lot easier. But life gets in the way and there is so much more to take into account.

And it’s not just about you. Both of you have to want to make the relationship a success. You both have to work for it. You both have to want it.

It’s like any habit in our lives. It’s not always easy at the beginning. You have to practice and practice. Eventually it becomes something that is part of your everyday life.

In a relationship you have to be able to communicate and talk things out. We all make mistakes or do things that another person may not agree with. If a couple isn’t able to talk things through and compromise on certain topics or situations, there is no way their relationship is going to work.

And in one way or another, there’s an emotional explanation for this. Love provokes the strongest feelings within a person. It is the strongest emotion that we have. And sometimes that causes us to make bad decisions which tend to affect our loved ones.

It’s likely that we have told stupid lies or done thoughtless things in the past because of love. We never forget that regretful feeling of doing something so lame and we keep that feeling within ourselves as we move onto the next relationship, hoping we won’t mess it up, too. But overtime, this awful feeling and bad memories begin to build up.

It’s important that couples are able to talk about these feelings and understand them. Without this type of compassion, the relationship will be difficult to maintain.

Sometimes, when couples break up and try to get back together, regrets and old habits from the past start to come back to the surface. Each person has had a unique past relationship, but nonetheless there was something in the past that was ended because it didn’t work out and is almost always associated with some sort of bad feeling.

Because love is such a strong emotion, it leaves an eternal mark on our hearts and it can hurt. Unfortunately, it’s an easy memory to get over or let go of. Sometimes you hurt the person you love so many times that they leave you. You love them with all your heart, and you recognize that. But after seeing them hurt so many times, you also accept that the two of you are better off apart. That way you can’t hurt that person anymore. The bond of trust has been unrepairably broken.

You have to accept that you need to move on, both of you. Usually finding another partner can help with this process. Overtime, current feelings will become less worrying to you. You’ll start worrying about someone else.

You hope with all your heart that this somebody else will convert into someone that you love more than the one before. You hope that your partner also finds a person to love. If both of you find more compatible partners, you won’t worry so much about each other.

This doesn’t happen for all couples. Sometimes they know they can’t be together again and will live the rest of their lives remembering the intense love that they had with someone else, constantly searching to find it with another person without any success.

As we said before, love isn’t always pretty.

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