Love brings about so many feelings that sometimes we get confused. Love can be blinding at times. But other times love can make you see something so bright and beautiful that you can’t believe your eyes. How do you when it’s real love? A love that shows all the signs that you’re going to marry the person you’re with. The following are signs that your boyfriend/girlfriend is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

1. You can’t believe he/she is even real.
You’re so in love and infatuated with your partner that you find yourself wondering how you got so lucky. You have dreamt your whole life about that perfect someone and now you have them. You probably pinch yourself from time to time to make sure you’re awake!

2. There are no barriers.
Whatever you need, whatever you say, it’s all ok. You can talk to each other about any and everything. He/she is the person you want to tell everything to, they are your person. There are no walls up between the two of you and if something is wrong, you know without having to say any words. If your partner is your best friend, that’s a wonderful sign that the two of you are marriage compatible.

3. He/she is sexy, no matter what.
It doesn’t matter if they are just out of the shower, waking up with morning bedhead or coming home after a long day at work, they always look hot. You feel attracted to them no matter how off a day they are having.

4. Everything has a solution.
Every relationship has its ups and downs. After all, it’s not all roses and cupids. And quite frankly, it’s not supposed to be. As a couple, it is healthy to fight. But the question is, can you fight or argue without letting it get the best of you? Couples that can argue and find solutions are much more likely to maintain their relationship. If you feel like there is nothing that the two of you can’t work out together, that’s a good sign you’re going to marry the person you’re with someday.

5. You’re comfort level is off the charts.
You never feel embarrassed when you are around them. They make you feel so comfortable in your own skin. And despite things you may not like about yourself, they will never try to change that about you. There are probably some gross habits the two of you have as well that you’re ashamed to even share with other people!

6. His/her downfalls don’t turn you off.
In fact, they do quite the opposite. You love everything about your partner. We’re not all perfect and you accept their weirdness for what they are. It’s what makes them special.

7. Your relationship is untouchable.
You have complete faith in your relationship. Nothing and no one can come between the two of you. Your bond is sacred. So sacred that you know it is going to be long-term and have no problem with making plans well into the future.

8. You both have the same end goals.
Sharing a common vision of the future is really important. If you both have similar values and life goals, you’re probably going to get married. It’s important that both of you can talk about the future together. You have to make plans and be on the same page to know that the relationship is going to work in the long run.

9. You feel like a prince/princess.
You get treated with utter respect. You make sacrifices for each other (without complaining of course!) so that you can openly show your love and support. You feel appreciated and loved by the chivalrous gestures they do for you.

10. It seems like it’s all too good to be true.
It’s perfect. A real-life fairytale. You feel overwhelmed and grateful for how lucky you are to have found a love so special. There isn’t a thing you would change, and everything fits right into place.

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