Dating can be confusing. The modern rules of dating are much different than they were five, ten, twenty years ago! From how to get a date, who pays or even following up on the first date… it’s forever changing! Consider these 10 modern rules of dating to help you get back on your feet in today’s dating culture.

1. First and foremost, be sure you are emotionally stable to start a new relationship.
If you are not completely over your past relationship, don’t rush into a new one. And, trust us, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. If you don’t start dating with a clear head, your vision will be blurred for what you’re looking for. You may not see red flags, or you may be just trying to convince yourself that it’s going to work.

2. If someone catches your eye, make a move.
Send them a message, ask them on a date, ask for their number! Why not? You’ve really got nothing to lose… especially when it comes to online dating.

3. Be true to yourself.
Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Your date will see right through you. This all depends on your purpose of dating of course. But if you’re dating to find a long-term relationship, then tell the truth about yourself from the get go.

4. Meet in a public place.
You just never know and its much better to play it safe. Set your date somewhere where other people will be around and if at anytime you begin to feel uncomfortable, feel free to get up and go.

5. Make plans for after your first dates.
And stick to them! Whether it be a fantastic or horrendous date, always have something to do afterwards. This will A) give you a reason to finish up or B) require you to finish the date without seeming overly interested.

6. Anyone can pay the check.
Men are obliged to pay for all the dates anymore. Women are independent and hardworking nowadays and are just as capable of picking up the check from time-to-time. Generally speaking, we think men should offer to pay first. But if the lady insists first or suggests splitting the bill, then so be it! This is one of the big modern rules of dating.

7. Keep it PG-13 rated.
Even if you hit it off and there is insane sexual tension between the two of you, don’t have sex on the first date. Or the second really. You still have so much to get to know about each other and sex too soon can make the situation awkward. Obviously, this isn’t always the case, but we strongly suggest waiting a few dates before jumping into bed.

8. Follow up.
Don’t be afraid to send a message after the date. Let them know you’ve had a good time. Good communication from the beginning is a wonderful foundation for a long-term relationship. Forget about the old rules of dating that men have to get in touch with the women. Or even that the first 24 hours are off limits.

9. Facebook friend your date.
It’s not off limits nowadays. If you’re really trying to get to know them, having them as a friend on Facebook will only help you. Now, we’re not telling you to go stalk them! But add them as a friend if you want and if they think it’s ok, they will accept your friend request.

10. Have fun, be open, accept rejection.
At the end of the day (or date in this case), you should be enjoying yourself. Each date is a learning experience. Be open to new suggestions or a different ‘type’. And if you get rejected, learn from it. That person obviously wasn’t for you. Evaluate which traits attracted you to them, and which were their turnoffs. And move on to the next lucky date. True love is just around the corner!

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