There are many a great man out there, all with different characteristics and qualities that make them special. But most of those great men have some qualities in common. These are the type of men that, if you find yourself with one, you should never let him go. Here are 11 qualities that define a fantastic partner that’s a keeper for sure.

1. He really looks at you and adores you.
You can just feel it; his gaze goes straight to your soul. He wants to see you, all of you and know you to the depths of our core.

2. He’s a kind, gentleman.
You may have noticed it on your first dates with his chivalrous gestures but overtime you see that he truly has a caring heart. And not just with you, with all those around him. He’s willing to lend a helping hand when need be, whether it be with your friends are a stranger at the store.

3. He’s intelligent.
Intelligence is sexy and shows strength. He thinks outside the box and creates solutions to what may seem like the most impossible situations. He’ll be sure to keep you on your toes!

4. He really tries to get to know your friends and family.
Because they’re a part of you too. He knows that they have been a part of your life far longer than he has and he envies what they know about you. He wants to see what they see and know what they know.

5. He’s handy in the kitchen.
If he can cook, he’s most definitely a keeper. Even if he makes the effort, keep him around. There’s always room for improvement! Maybe he’s not the best chef, but he always helps out with the dirty dishes. Whatever it may be, if he’s willing to lend a helping hand in the kitchen, keep him around!

6. He’s ambitious.
It can’t always be about you, unfortunately. He should have his own goals and he should be driven to achieve them. A determined man will always make things better in the long-run.

7. He’s emotionally intelligent and respectful.
He not only sympathizes, but he empathizes. Emotional intelligence is a huge plus in men. He picks up on cues and respectfully responds to different situations. His respect for you will go a long way.

8. He always makes you laugh.
He doesn’t have to be a comedian and you don’t even know why he makes you laugh. He just does. And most of the time he’s not even trying. He warms your heart and makes you smile when you’re with him. Cherish that special bond between the two of you.

9. He compliments you.
He’s affectionate all the time with you. Whether it be verbally or physically, he wants you to know that he’s crazy about you. He tells you how beautiful you are on a daily basis (and really means it). He hugs you and kisses you and maybe even whispers sweet nothing in your ear.

10. He works hard at your relationship.
He knows its not all roses and butterflies and he’s ok with that. He’s more than willing to work through the hard times and he never gives up. As they say, when the tough gets going, the going gets tough… and you know he will never let you down in those situations.

11. He supports your and celebrates your accomplishments.
He stands behind you and all of your goals in life. He supports your career, your hobbies, whatever it is that you believe in. And when you reach some great milestones, he’s just as happy as you are… if not more!

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