Do you think you’ve found the one and you’re thinking about getting engaged? There are so many steps that go into a proposal that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. You want it to be the perfect situation. And you want it to be something suited to your someone special, something that they will love. We’ve browsed the web and found some fantastic orginal ways to propose. Check them out for some ideas of your own!

Avocado proposal
Not only are avocados the new “super food”, but they also double as a ring box! If you’ve got an avocado loving, guacamole eating partner, this might be the way to propose marriage…

Harry Potter lovers
Calling all HP fans! Propose to your love with the Golden Snitch. But beware, they may be more excited to the Snitch than the ring! 😉

Scrabble game lovers
Set up a Scabble date night and write out the perfect phrase before they come over. Keep the letters Y-E-S close by!

Nighttime Beach Proposal
Sunset proposals are overrated. Surprise your someone special with candles on the beach. Watch out for those pesky, night-crawling crabs though!

RollerCoaster Snap
If you’ve got a proposal team with you, this is a great way to propose. They’ll be totally shocked when they get off the ride and see the picture! And we’re sure it’ll be one that you’ll actually buy!

Coffee Lover Proposal
For the love of… COFFEE? There are some huge coffee enthusiasts out there that would love for their coffee to be involved in their marriage proposal. Either on the spoon if they take sugar, or at the botton of the mug will do!


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Rubiks Cube
This one may take a while, or not, depending on their Rubiks Cube talents! You’ll have plenty of time to get down on one knee and ask for them to marry you.

Book Lover
This one happens to be HP themed as well, but it can be applied to any book in the world. Find a copy of your special someone’s book and get to work to slip the ring in there!

Dessert Plate
Forget putting the ring IN the dessert, just write it on the plate! And then get the dessert to enjoy after without having to worry that someone may chock or swallow something very expensive…

Switch Gender Roles
Who said the man had to propose anyways? Ladies, if you’re confident in your partner and in love, why wait for them to make the move? Put on your big girl pants and get down on one knee!

Role reversal @montecristotravels

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This one may take some time to find all the right words, but man, will they be surprised! You can get down on one knee behind the refridgerator door just as they see the bottles. How romantic!

Tag a coke lover! @wedding

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Taco Bell
Sometimes those little Taco Bell sauce messages really touch our hearts…

Taco Bell: for the big moments in life.

Go big or go home
But make sure you have a backup ring… just in case it doesn’t fit!

A Puzzling Proposal
Spend some time over a glass of wine putting a puzzle together. They’ll quickly figure out there’s a hidden message there. But be sure to keep it under 100 pieces… unless you want the suspense to last for days!

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