Where you go on your first date can potentially make or break the relationship. With the nerves of meeting someone for the first time, you never know how you’re going to react. Some people freeze up, others talk too much, and some just giggle. Obviously, that’s not how you really are all the time, but your date unfortunately doesn’t know that. That’s why choosing where you have your first date is really important. It should be a place where you not only feel comfortable but also have the opportunity to interact with the other person. While one-on-one coffee and dinner dates work for some people, others need something more active and entertaining. Plus, if you choose a more original place, your date will stand out amongst others. We’ve compiled a list of some original first date ideas for you to choose from. Remember, the main goal is to have fun, get to know your date and let them get to know you. And try not to make any silly, yet typical, first date mistakes.

Go to the bowling alley.
At the bowling alley you have time to sit and talk, have a drink, share some food, and try your best at bowling! The bowling part breaks up the conversation and gives you something to talk about in case things are a bit dull. Afterwards, the two of you can go get a drink or ice cream somewhere a bit calmer.

Go to a karaoke bar.
You don’t have to sing, but it sure would make things a lot more entertaining. The atmosphere of a karaoke bar is uplifting, and people are generally having a good time over drinks. It’s ok to people watch and talk about them here.

Do a local trivia night.
You’ll have to start your relationship working together as a team. It’ll give you something to talk about and the night won’t be dull. Hell, maybe you’ll even win something for the next date!

Go hiking.
Find some good trails in your area and head out for a hike. Pack some light snacks and some drinks so you can have a picnic at the halfway point.

Go ice or roller skating.
Have some fun trying to remember how to skate. You may even need to hold on to each other for extra balance, immediately breaking the ice! After you can share some nachos or sip on a blue Icee.

Take a sunset stroll.
Where’s a good place to watch the sunset? Go for a walk early enough to end it right as the sun is setting. Maybe you could go for some ice cream or hot chocolate beforehand to have as you walk.

Go to a theme park.
This option is ideal for those that have a theme park close to them. Check out the pass options and see if its worth going on a few rides and playing some games together.

Play mini golf.
Like bowling, you have a fun activity to break up the date. Plan on getting smoothies or splitting an appetizer at a local place after your putt-putt round.

Go to an arcade.
When’s the last time you played Pac Man? Or have you tried out virtual reality games? An arcade is a guaranteed good time.

Go to a trampoline park.
Trampoline parks aren’t just for little ones! Some local parks have adult hours or sections. Go jump around like you were a kid again. Make sure if you plan on getting something to eat, you go AFTER bouncing around!

Play pool.
Go to a bar with some nice pool tables. It’s a nice casual activity that allows you to talk over a little competition.

Go to a driving range or batting cage.
Unless you play golf or baseball, this is no easy task. But it’s a lot of fun and really rewarding when you make that perfect contact with the ball.

Attend a food festival or street fair.
Check out local events in your area. Food trucks and festivals are always a nice way to spend the evening. May be there will even be some games to play.

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