Should I pay on first date?

You’re finally on your first date! You were both probably a bit nervous at the beginning, maybe even a little insecure with a lot of doubts about where the night would take you. But in the end, the evening has been a success. As all good things do, it has come to an end and it’s time to say goodbye. The bill has to be paid for and the inevitable questions arise about who should pay on the first date. Most men tend to present themselves as gallant and chivalrous (especially on first dates!). And for this reason they usually want to take care the check on the first date. Should you let him do that? More details below:

At this point, there is no fixed rule. It’s very relative and doesn’t only depend on one factor. If you are a staunch feminist, maybe you feel upset if your partner is paying on the first date. But is it really worth getting bothered over something like that? He’s just being friendly and trying to leave a good impression.

Another influencing factor when it comes time to paying the bill is the amount itself. It doesn’t mean the same thing in on a date that you have only had a coffee or if you go to dinner at a fancy restaurant. In these times of crisis we must have the purchasing power and economic status of each account.

Women, in general, often expect the man to invite her to a drink or a meal. But, conversely, if the man offers to pay for everything, maybe the woman will begin to feel uncomfortable and think that maybe you are looking for a more intimate approach on the first date.

What is absolutely certain is that in the recessionary times in which we live, nobody likes to have a date with people who never want to pay. Nor is it appropriate as a woman to give the impression that she needs a man to pay for everything.

Pay half
To avoid these awkward situations and misunderstandings, the check on the first date could be split half and half. If you have had two coffees between the both of you, you each pay for your own coffee. If the event is a success and things feel comfortable, letting him pay for you creates the perfect excuse for a future date. It is the perfect time and place to respond to their kind invitation and start organizing a second date. “The next date is on me. Now you can’t say no until we’re even 😉”

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