The definition of a perfect boyfriend is going to be totally different for all of us. Maybe some like a buff, sporty guy and others find nerds super attractive. Whatever the type of guy may be that your attracted to, there are some qualities that men have that make you giddy inside. They make you think, “How did I get so lucky?” Here are just some of the qualities of a perfect boyfriend:

1. He genuinely listens to what you have to say.

2. He always brings a smile to your face.
He’s goofy when he needs to be and knows just how to make you laugh.

3. He expresses himself and isn’t afraid to be emotional.

4. He doesn’t try to change you.
He accepts you the way you are, the whole package. He never holds you back from doing things with your friends or family. He loves what you love.

5. You both have your personal time.
He respects you when you want to spend some time alone. He’s independent and is totally capable of doing is own thing.

6. He shows an interest in your hobbies.
Before he met you, he could probably care less about girly activities, but now that he’s with you he’s truly wants to know what it is that interests you.

7. You know he’s crazy about you.

8. He trusts you and your relationship.
He doesn’t ask a million questions every time you go out with your friends or flip when you don’t respond to his texts or phone calls.

9. He’s sweet and affectionate.
The little details of affection don’t go unnoticed. Maybe it’s something as simple as a note here and there; it gives you happy butterflies.

10. You can always depend on him.
He’ll come through and have our back no matter what… even if he doesn’t agree with what’s going on or doesn’t understand. He knows he can ask questions later. First and foremost, he’s there for you.

11. He can compromise.
We can’t win every argument, and there comes a time when compromise is the solution. He’s not stubborn and realizes that it’s much better than continuing a fight or holding a grudge.

12. He’s honest with you.
He tells you the truth and doesn’t avoid it, even if it may be something you don’t agree with. Conflicts will arise in all relationships and he handles it (calmly) head on.

13. He makes you food.
He doesn’t have to be a chef, but it’s the thought that counts. He makes you surprise meals or a little dessert just to see you smile.

14. He keeps his word.
He doesn’t say one thing and do another. You don’t have to read into anything that he says because you know that he’s being clear and honest.

15. His friends are your friends, too.
He doesn’t separate his friends from you. He’s proud of you and likes including you in their plans from time to time.

16. He is considerate.
He takes into account the situation and reacts accordingly. And he always considers your feelings first.

17. He shows you the utmost respect.
Even when the two of you are arguing (which all couple do!), he manages to express himself without disrespecting or degrading you. He is a true gentleman.

18. He doesn’t make decisions for you.
Instead he makes them with you. His plans not only include you, but also your opinions.

19. He’s not only your boyfriend, but also your best friend.
He’s the cheese to your macaroni, the yin to your yang, the apple of your eye. And you wouldn’t have him any other way!

20. The love is mutual and you think you’ve found the one.

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