Nowadays it seems like everyone’s got their opinions when it comes to dating. Being single surrounded by non-singles can be one of the utmost annoying things around. Despite everyone’s good intentions to help you find love, their advice usually sucks. It’s 2018 and a lot of dating advice is outdated and frankly bad. Here are 18 pieces of bad dating advice you should ignore.

1. Avoid talking about yourself.
Bragging is one thing but telling your date about yourself is a completely separate topic. You should feel comfortable talking about yourself. They whole point of dating is to get to know someone better. They should know the real you and little by little more details about your personality, values and opinions.

2. Give everyone a fair shot.
Bologna. If you’re not attracted to someone and there are no feelings involved, you do not need to give them a chance. Don’t waste your time dating someone that you have no future with.

3. Date in your “league.”
League schmegue. There is no one that is better than you. It’s on the inside what counts. There are tons of happy couples out there that are not on the same attractiveness levels.

4. Let them make the first move.
Why though? If you see something you’re interested in, go for it. If you had a good time on the date, let them know. There’s no reason to hide your feelings or expect the other person to say or do something first. If both of you are following the same piece of dating advice, you’re screwed from the get go.

5. Don’t go to bed with them on the first couple dates.
So maybe it’s not the best idea to rush into it, but what happens behind closed doors is also an important factor in your relationship. At some point you will need to find out if the two of you are compatible on all levels.

6. Attraction doesn’t happen overnight.
We definitely disagree with this one. Haven’t they ever heard of love at first sight? Most people know by the end of their first date (or before it) if they are attracted to someone. While someone may become more attractive once you get to know their personality, you’ll know whether you are physically attracted to them or not quite quickly.

7. Hurry up because you’re not getting any younger.
Rude. Love comes in all shapes, sizes and ages. Each person is on their own personal journey. Let your love story unfold when it is supposed to without rushing into things.

8. Act modest.
Or in other words, play dumb? Why would you do that? You shouldn’t be acting or playing anything on your dates. Be your confident self.

9. Don’t leave the house in anything but your best, just in case!
Grandma’s love this one. They would be petrified to know that women let men see them without makeup on in their gym clothes at the beginning of relationships. But you’ve got nothing to hide. Don’t feel like you always need to be behind a mask of makeup and name brand clothes.

10. The man always pays.
Nope, not nowadays. Go into your dates expecting to split the bill. If they insist on paying, so be it. But don’t expect anything; neither man nor woman is expected to pay these days.

11. Putting them down with make them like you.
No, no it won’t. We’re not in third grade anymore. If you like someone, do not reject them. They will move on from you quicker than lightening strikes in a thunderstorm.

12. You should wait a few days before you call.
That wait is a torture that neither of you should have to endure if you like each other and want to make further plans. Send a text or give them a call. No need to make them wait it out.

13. If you’re a single parent, don’t mention your children.
Why the hell not? Your kids make up a HUGE part of who you are. Whoever you are dating should know from the beginning about them. If they like you, they will like your children.

14. Don’t over-compliment.
While it can be annoying sometimes, don’t hold back either. If you really like what they are wearing or just the tone of their voice, tell them. People like receiving compliments, just old back on the mushy pet names at the beginning.

15. You should prioritize dating.
Some people have this absurd idea that when you are single you should put dating before all other aspects of your social life and free time. Don’t do this. You need a life, too. Your friends are your support system and you should be spending as much time with them (if not more) as you are with potential dates.

16. Don’t tell people that you met online.
Online dating is a thing of the present. There are millions of love stories that started online. Be proud of the fact that you were able to connect with someone and find your soulmate via an online dating site.

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