Readers Make the Best Lovers

There is no doubt that an avid reader is sexy. We’re not talking about nerds, but rather people that genuinely enjoy reading books from the beginning to end. A study done by eHarmony suggested that people who expressed their love for reading amongst their interests had more views on their dating profile. Men who listed reading as a hobby received 19% more messages than those that didn’t. Readers bring a spark to the table that can’t be explained. With that being said, did you know that readers make the best lovers and life companions? Here’s why:

1. People who read are more intelligent.
But that’s not all! They are also usually wise beyond their years. They have lived many different lives through the characters in their books. Smart is, without a doubt, sexy.

2. Readers are good listeners.
They don’t just hear you, they listen to you, evaluate what you’re saying and develop the best response for you. According to a study out of York University in Canada readers are better able to put themselves in the position of others, understanding them from their point of view. They empathize better than those who don’t read; which makes for an incredible partner to have.

3. Brain functions are higher in readers.
Reading is like cardio training for the brain. It keeps it fit and healthy. Studies have shown that people who regularly read are less prone to Dementia and Alzheimer’s. While these unfortunate diseases can still happen to anybody, studies have shown that reading can delay the onset of Dementia.

4. Readers tend to have their life goals more established.
They see all sorts of characters and problems in the books they read and although many of them are fiction, they learn from them and how they overcome aversities and struggles. Readers are able to apply these things to their real life, making them more successful with a clearer view on what they want out of it all.

5. Readers are open-minded.
Books can go in any direction. Every author has a different way of presenting a story and sometimes they put a very unexpected twist in the plot. Readers are always open to what’s to come. They tend to take a non-biased approach to situations in their day-to-day life as well and are more prepared for ambiguous situations. You never know what can come up in a relationship and we all definitely want someone open-minded by our sides.

6. Readers are able to easier learn different languages.
While reading, you are constantly learning new vocabulary, and sometimes in a different language. The mental stimulation that is learnt by frequent readers allows them to use the context and understand the meaning of unknown words. By this same process, learning a new language comes much easier to those who regularly read. What’s sexier than someone who can speak to you in a different language? Quiero besar todas las partes de tu cuerpo. (I want to kiss every part of your body.)

7. People who regularly read are usually financially sound.
As we mentioned before, people who read are more intelligent. With intelligence comes a focus on education and career paths. We’re not saying readers are the richest people in the world, but the financial stability that they can bring to relationships will help avoid a lot of arguments.

8. Readers experience less stress.
Reading helps us to sit back and relax. In this crazy world that we live in, it’s extremely important to know how to disconnect a bit from reality and destress. Couples who experience a lot of stress tend to argue more and are less sexually satisfied. Readers know just how to enter their own, relaxing world when they pick up a book and lower their stress levels.

9. Readers have better imaginations.
Not only that, but they are also able to come up with inventive solutions to even the stickiest of situations. Conversations with them are delightful, yet intense. They’ll keep everything interesting in all aspects of your relationship… even in the bedroom.

10. People who read have better memories.
It really sucks when your special someone forgets your birthday or anniversary. But you need not worry about this if they are read-aholics. They are much better at remembering dates, events, names… everything really.

11. Readers are cultured.
They enjoy a variety of activities, from history to art to travel. They love discovering and trying out new things. Dating an avid reader will be far from boring as they will take you on some of the best dates of your life.

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