Are you starting to get that feeling that he’s just not that into you? We all know that some guys aren’t that great at communicating and their mixed signals drive us crazy. If only it were easier to tell if someone likes you or not. The beginning of relationships are about dating and getting to know one another and overtime the two of you should know if you’re compatible or not. While sometimes you feel pretty confident in your feelings for him, your left feeling unsure if he feels the same in return. If he exhibits the following signs, it’s likely that he’s not interested in you.

1. His communication lacks effort.
Maybe you’ve noticed he doesn’t call as much as he used, or not at all. You’re always the one to initiate conversations or make plans to meet up. His replies are short, and he never seems overly enthusiastic about talking. These are huge red flags that he’s not interested in you. Take into account if something time-consuming is going on in his personal life. But if you start to notice that it’s happening to you a lot, it’s quite possible he doesn’t like you.

2. He’s always cancelling plans.
Not only is this disrespectful but he obviously doesn’t value the time the two of you spend together. Obviously, things come up at the last minute, so cancelling a few times can be expected. And if he really likes you, he’ll try to make up any canceled plans. But if it starts to become a pattern where he flakes on you, think about why he’s doing this and consider that it may be because he’s not interested in you.

3. The two of you never have one-on-one time.
By spending time alone, you are forced to get to know one another. At the very least you’ll have to talk about your days. A guy that’s not interested will constantly be trying to meet in group settings or bring along a buddy to your dates. He’s avoiding one-on-one time because he’s just not the into you and doesn’t want to be.

4. He mentions other girls around you.
A man that truly values your relationship won’t talk about other women in a romantic way around you. A man that isn’t that interested may want you to know in a subtle way that there are other women in his life and that you aren’t a priority to him. He’s most definitely not into you if he goes to the point of flirty with others in front of you.

5. He avoids physical contact.
Did he used to flirt with you and now he barely comes close? Or maybe you’ve noticed that his tone of voice lacks the enthusiasm it once had. Being close creates intimacy, and if he’s avoiding intimacy, he isn’t interested.

6. He doesn’t pay attention to your life
If he’s not trying to get to know you better, he’s probably putting up his walls to keep you out. If he was truly interested he would pay attention to the things you do or what you like. He would ask you questions about your life. So, if he’s not looking to find out more about you, he’s probably not as into you as you would like him to be.

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