Bitter singles give the rest a bad reputation. When people think about someone being single, they usually imagine some sort of mad-at-the-world recluse. But to be honest with you, this is so far from the truth. While guys handle being single pretty well and quite differently than most girls, there aren’t many single girls that are moping about either. In fact, quite the contrary. Single girls are empowered with their independence and find happiness all around them. Their habits are why single girls are the happiest. Here’s why:

1. They appreciate their independence.
Single girls love every minute of their freedom. They spend time with those that matter most to them, including their furry friends… and their vibrating ones too! They’re certainly not afraid of being alone. Some might call them selfish, but single girls call it happiness.

2. Single girls can do what they want, when they want.
It goes without saying that you don’t have to check in with anyone when you’re single. When you’re in a relationship, you tell your other half your plans, whether they’re controlling or not. It’s just common courtesy to let them know what you’re going to be up to. But a single girl doesn’t have to share her plans with anyone. And she can change them at the last minute if she really feels like it.

3. They can still get the most out of dating.
Just because they are content with being single doesn’t mean they can’t date! A girl has got needs and likes to get out and have a good time too! A happy single girl is at peace with how things are and doesn’t feel the need to make a relationship out of every date. She enjoys meeting to people and let’s fate take them through the date. Basically, they date with no strings attached while still enjoying the benefits.

4. They don’t need to be entertained.
Single girls are good on their own. In fact, their “me time” is highly valued in their books. They like to be alone and do things independently.

5. They concentrate on their hobbies.
You know all those activities you used to do before you got coupled up? Yea, like those Pilates classes. Single girls know what they like to do and make time to do them. They read, write, sing… whatever it is that they have a passion for. And the best part is, they do it for themselves, and themselves only.

6. They have lower levels of stress.
It doesn’t matter how great a relationship is. If you are involved with someone else, you are more stressed. It’s a packaged deal, your partners stress and worries become yours too. So, when you are single, you have less to worry about. Not to mention the fact that you don’t have to stress over his/her opinions.

7. They try new things.
Single girls actually do the things they’ve always dreamed of doing. They don’t have a never-ending list of things they want to do one day that they never cross off and only add to. They take the painting classes (even if it is with a bottle of wine), they go on the weekend trips, they learn how to speak a new language. Single girls find the time to do the things that truly make them happy and feel accomplished.

8. They take care of themselves.
One of my awesome single friends had this totally relatable quote as her profile pic for a while. It said something along the lines of, “Better that I love myself, because you don’t know how to.” BOOM, mic drop . Single girls know how to take care of themselves. They can afford to spend a little extra on that face cream they wanted. They know when they need to get out and get some fresh air outside of the city. They are very connected to their needs and they have no problem tending to them. They strive to be the best version of themselves.

9. They’re thankful.
They know that what they have in life is precious and are forever grateful for what they have been blessed with. Single girls know that finding a partner isn’t the most important thing in the world. A lot do hope to find someone that resembles a soulmate one day, but that day will come when it comes. Until then, single girls are happy with what they have.

10. They live in the present.
As Forrest Gump best said it, “Shit happens.” Single girls live by this motto. The past is in the past and what’s to come will come. They are content with focusing on the present and letting things fall into place. As long as they’re happy, life is good.

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