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In general, no matter where you are, the process of dating throughout the world doesn’t change too much. That doesn’t take away from the fact that dating can be awkward or even difficult if you haven’t been in the singles scene for a while. This is where singles events come in to help you. You’ve got your classic events like double dating or speed dating, but there are also some new singles events that are becoming more popular. This is where creativity is playing a huge role in making singles events more intellectual or interesting to say the very least. Are you looking for some new types of singles events? Check out these 12 original ideas:

1. Adventurous Singles Events
There are many events popping up all over the place for the more adventure-seeking singles. These include hikes, tours, bike rides, etc. You get the idea. If being active is important to you, this may be the perfect singles event for you to meet your future someone special.

2. Singles Travelling Events
Are you a travel enthusiast? Maybe this singles event would be best for you. A group trip is planned and all of the travelers are single and looking for love. This way you get to meet people with the same interests as you and spend more than just a few hours getting to know them. Imagine an entire weekend getting to know different singles before really connecting with one (or more) of them.

3. Traffic Light Party
These types of singles events aren’t exclusive to singles per say. You have to go dressed in either green, yellow, or red. If you wear green, you’re 100% singles. If you choose to wear yellow, you are letting everyone know that you are in a complicated or open relationship. And red means that you are off the market. This event leaves everything more open to all different types of people. Maybe you’re single and a bit older and the only single person within your group of friends. You can attend a traffic light party with them, just make sure you wear the right color!

4. Biblio Dating
Pick out your favorite book and bring it with you to this speed dating-type event. The difference is that this time the purpose is to talk about your favorite books. If at the end of the night you had a connection with another booklover, you can hope to have a further date with them. After all, they say readers make the best lovers!

5. On Stage
The idea at this singles event is a bit like a theater performance or a bit of standup comedy. Each single person has to go on stage, introduce themselves and tell a little story. The idea may seem frightening to some, but keep in mind that you’re all going to do it and the night will be more than entertaining.

6. Naked Dating
This is on the more extreme side of singles events, but there are loads of TV programs with multiple seasons and lots of single people are signing up to participate in naked singles events! There is not much explanation needed, just hope you’re comfortable in your own skin because you have to leave your clothes at home!

7. Pheromone Parties
The idea here is interesting because it is in fact pheromones which scientist believe cause a sexual attraction between certain people. Before attending the party, you must sleep in the same t-shirt over the course of at least three nights. You then seal the shirts into a baggy (pink if you’re a girl and blue if you’re a boy) and turn them in at the start of the event. Here’s the somewhat creepy part… You then spend the evening smelling different baggies. If you smell one that turns you on, you let the organizers know and they try to match you up with that person.

8. Eye-Gazing Parties
Maybe if you’re on the shyer side, this singles event would be for you. Basically, you don’t speak. You have a drink and stare into the other persons eyes. It has the same organization as speed dating, so you’ll change people after a few minutes. If you feel a strong connection with someone, you note it down and hope to get matched up with them for another date.

9. Personal Matchmaking Agencies
If you’re willing to invest a little money in the process, there are agencies out there that claim to be experts on matching people up. You tell them what you’re looking for and they will personally go through their data base to find the perfect date for you. If it doesn’t work out, they move on to what they consider the next best option.

10. Singles Dinners
Rather than have to suffer through bar mingles or speed dating events, these singles events are done over the course of a dinner. Usually there will be a small group of singles sat at the same table. You all participate in conversation as a group, but at the end of the night hopefully you’ll have a special connection with one of the dinner goers.

11. Cooking Classes
This organized singles events are great fun. A lot of the awkwardness is removed because the “chefs” lead the event and keep everything moving forward. And a bonus is you get to eat whatever you cooked at the end! Even more time you can spend getting to know other singles.

12. Singles Parties
This is a party where everyone attending must be single. There is no risk here of talking to another person’s partner or later finding out that the one you’ve been crushing on all night is already taken. The idea is simple with a relaxed atmosphere and there are usually a large number of attendees.

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