There’s a world of differences between a guy that you’re dating for the sake of dating and a guy that your dating because he could be the one. At the time you may not realize it, but in the back of your mind you know whether or not you should never let him go. Check out these signs to see if you’re dating a “temporary type” or a “forever type”.

Where do you go?
Temporary type: He doesn’t put much thought into where you go on dates. Frankly, he doesn’t really care, and you probably won’t find yourself cooking dinner at home or a romantic stay in.
Forever type: He is completely OK with not going out and won’t complain about a staying in on a Saturday night. As long as he’s spending time with you, he’s content. He’ll even plan special dates and tends to put a lot of thought into the small details.

Who do you spend your time with?
Temporary type: He probably won’t introduce you to many people he knows. You may meet a few friends in passing, but he probably doesn’t include in his plans with them. And his family is usually out of the question. Heck, he doesn’t even talk about them with you.
Forever type: He’s totally keen on you meeting is friends. He wants them to like you as much as he does. He’ll talk about his family openly and when the time is right, he will be more than happy to introduce you to them.

What do you do?
Temporary type: He usually has very few objectives each time you hang out. He wants to have a good time, get drunk and then hookup. And these objectives have probably been the same from the very beginning of the relationship.
Forever type: He wants to get to know you and makes arrangements to do so. He takes you new places where you can talk and share your opinions. If you get too drunk, he takes care of you. And when you hookup there is so much more passion involved.

What do you talk about?
Temporary type: He’s conversations are flirty and lack depth. He tends to play games with you to avoid serious chats. He generally won’t ask your opinion on most topics and doesn’t get into details to avoid having to talk about feelings.
Forever type: He wants to know everything about you. He’s not only eager to hear your opinions but he supports them as well. He asks you how your doing and cares about your feelings.

How do you feel?
Temporary type: You never feel 100% yourself with him and deep done you know that he’s just a time filler. You are certain that you can do better and one day he will be replaced. He’s just a like, not a love.
Forever type: You feel extremely comfortable with him. He’s your other half, your soulmate and you know your love is true. You don’t think there is any out there better than him and you’re certain you’ve found the one.

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