Only children have some unique qualities that can usually allow them to be picked out of a group of friends. They’re raised without any siblings and usually, unless they have a lot of cousins around all the time, they spend most of their free time alone or with adults. They have tendencies to do things that other people with siblings don’t. We like to call these tendencies a part of their only child syndrome. Don’t get us wrong, these are not all negative qualities! Only child syndrome brings out some of the best in people. So, here’s what to expect, the good and bad of dating an only child.

1. They are totally ok with alone time.
Given the amount of time they have to spend alone throughout their entire lives, it is something that they’ve not only gotten used to, but actually need. They like being able to do things independently. If you’re dating an only child, don’t expect them to be clinging to you all the time, especially not in the beginning. You’ll probably have more time and space than you’re used to. Overtime, you’ll both find grounds for appropriate times to do things alone and will start to do more activities together as a couple. Just don’t take it personally at the beginning.

2. They don’t like to share.
This one goes without saying much. They’re not big sharers, and they may not even like sharing you!

3. They’re not good cuddlers.
Only children are bed hogs! They don’t even like to share the bed sheets.

4. They’re creative.
When you spend a lot of time alone, you become imaginative. Only children are great at entertaining themselves and have incredibly creative minds. So creative and inventive, that they may tell you about childhood stories that include their best friend who was actually an imaginary friend. It doesn’t really matter, to them that was who they spent a lot of time with.

5. They tend to talk to themselves.
Don’t be surprised when you hear them talking in the other room alone. Only children tend to speak aloud when no one else is around. This goes together with their imaginary friends that they had growing up. It’s just become a habit.

6. They like to be the center of attention.
Only children love constant attention when they can get it. They’ll put themselves in the spotlight just to get it. They’re not too patient about it either.

7. They’re driven.
Once an only child puts their mind to something, they will go for it. It’s not easy to hold them back once they have a goal to reach. Their drive and passion makes them successful in many areas of their lives.

8. They love with their whole hearts.
They are incredibly loving individuals. Once you’ve found a way to their hearts, they will love you unconditionally. Only children are also great at expressing their love and emotions.

9. They’re a tad selfish.
They’ve never really had to consider an equal person in their lives. Sure, they respect their parents and friends, but they are on the selfish side when it comes to being a partner. They have an egocentric attitude and expect things to go their way. Sometimes only children just need to be reminded that the world doesn’t revolve around them (in a nice way, of course). Be patient with them and help them learn a new way.

10. They have a special relationship with their parents.
The relationship between parents and only children is unique. Usually, they are very close and consider themselves best friends. Parents of only children, especially single parents, can come off as overprotective. They want the best for their child. Only children won’t usually make any big decisions without their parents being involved.

11. They like to try new things.
Only children are adventurous and always up for a challenge. On a larger scale, they tend to experiment more often. They like a challenge and usually won’t say no without trying it. This also goes for acts behind closed doors. An only child is usually quite exploratory in bed.

12. They don’t compromise very well.
Only children tend to stick to what they think is right or wrong. They’re not very good at meeting on a common ground. They’ll insist on doing things their way most of the time.

13. They’re extremely loyal to anyone in their circle.
It may not be the easiest circle to break into, but once you’re in your relationship is thicker than blood. Friends are family to only children. Because they never had siblings, they consider their close friends as brothers and sisters. Their allegiance is a constant that you can always depend on.

14. They usually want to have multiple children.
While this may not always be the case, many only children tend to want at least two children of their own. They know what it was like growing up alone, and although they may not change it at this point, they want their own children to have a sibling or two around.

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