Valentine’s Day is already here. While it’s true that we shouldn’t need a particular day to remind your someone special how much you love them, it doesn’t hurt to show them some extra affection on February 14th. For the occasion, we’ve prepared some of the perfect Valentine’s Day apps you definitely don’t want to miss out on to make your Valentine’s Day 2018 one you won’t forget.

Valentine’s Day Photo Frames
An app that is beyond ideal for this holiday (despite being a bit cheesy). With the application Valentine’s Day Photo Frames you can choose to have your photos surrounded by roses, the perfect flower choice for all lovers out there.

This tool allows you to choose from a variety of frames where you can incorporate a picture of you and your loved one. Be sure to choose a picture that won’t crop out either of your faces. You may need to have a few options to see which picture works out best in the frame.

But once you’ve got the picture sized up you can send it to your partner. We’re sure they be swooned by the detail you prepared for them.

Who doesn’t like getting flowers on Valentine’s Day? Whether it be for friends, family or a loved one, sending flowers is a great way to say, “I love you and I’m thinking about you!” With 1-800-FLOWERS, you can send a wide selection of gifts internationally… available in 195 countries!

A well-known, yet often forgotten app on Valentine’s Day. Book a last-minute night stay for Wednesday. Or surprise your date with a weekend getaway, leaving on Friday. There are so many different options all of the world for you to choose from.

Pocket Salsa
Get on your dancin’ shoes and sweep your date off their feet! They may not be aware of the fact that you know how to dance so well, but with Pocket Salsa you can learn the basic steps in no time.

Smart Closet
Not sure what to wear and running out of time? Smart Closet will help you pick the perfect outfit for the occasion. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Wednesday this year, we need all the extra time we can get. Between work and getting all the little details together, the last thing we need to worry about it what clothes to wear. Let Smart Closet do it for you.

Valentine Quotes Pictures – Love Quotes
Another one of those incredibly lovey-dovey applications that’s perfect for this romantic holiday, Valentin Quotes Pictures – Love Quotes. This tool generates all sorts of love quotes paired up with pictures that you can send to your special someone.

You can download the picture you choose to your phone or directly share it via SMS or any of the social networks. Not a bad way to start the day with your lucky someone.

iKamasutra Lite Positions
And last, but certainly not least, spice up the night (or morning or afternoon… whatever floats your boat!) with some new love positions. Maybe you’d rather eat in at home over a candle-lit dinner and a glass of wine. There’s no better way to end the night that with some pleasure that the both of you will love.

Go through the app and add to your favorite’s list the positions you want to start with. It talks you through them and arranges them into categories of complexity, intimacy and strength needed to be able to do them.

If you’re looking for a date or just someone to chat with, log in to your ExperimentLove account. Romance is in the air this Valentine’s Day!

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