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Finding love and dating over 40 can seem difficult. You don’t attend events or go to bars anymore that are flocked with single people. Your group of friends and social outings are pretty established. Maybe you’ve shied away from setting up an online profile in the past, but we highly recommend it. Thousands amongst thousands of single people have found love online, and many of them are over 40. So, go get your online dating profile set up! We’ve put together some 15 tips for dating over 40 for when you get your first dates and start exploring a new love life. You never know, “the one” might just be a click away!

1. Be comfortable in your own skin.
Radiate confidence (without being arrogant). Don’t constantly put yourself down. Accept compliments and give them.

2. Be confident in what you are looking for.
You’ve been around the block a few times and you should have a good idea about what kind of relationship you are interested in. Stick to your gut feelings when it comes to some of your dates. You know yourself better than you think.

3. Don’t be afraid to date more than one person at a time.
Especially at the beginning. You don’t have to jump right into an exclusive relationship. Work through your feelings and find the right person for you. The one that you can truly see a future with.

4. Join multiple dating sites.
Because why not?! Each site has a different algorithm to match you up with dates. If you’re just starting this journey, you don’t have to be committed to one person or one dating site. Put yourself out there and see what you find!

5. Leave the past in the past.
It’s so easy to get caught up talking about past experiences in love, whether they be good or bad. Most importantly, don’t talk badly about your ex. In general, and especially at the beginning, your date doesn’t want to hear about them. You’re both in for a fresh start with someone new. Let them get to know you first, your likes, hobbies, personality, etc.

6. Ask meaningful questions.
If there is a core value that is very important to you, go ahead and talk about it at the beginning. Whether it be a certain hobby that you have or a religious topic, if it’s important to you that your partner also feels the same way, start asking!

7. Give people a chance.
Looks can be deceiving… in a good way! Don’t judge your online dating matches by their profile pictures. Some people just aren’t photogenic. If the interests are there, keep in mind you’ve been matched up for a reason. Go on a date or two with them in person. They may just surprise you!

8. Don’t settle for second best.
Know your obstacles, especially those obstacles that you aren’t interested in dealing with in the future. If something was a deal breaker for you in the past, it is most likely a deal breaker now.

9. Make the first move.
Don’t be afraid to flirt. If you’re feeling the date, tell them… or at least flirt a bit to show them! Mixed signals at the beginning can be confusing. Be more straightforward with your feelings and even go in for the first kiss. You’ll know when the time is right; don’t doubt yourself.

10. First date didn’t work out, no worries!
Don’t get yourself down. It’s going to happen, and probably more than once. Keep your options open and just remember, if there weren’t strong enough feelings on the first date, it probably means there’s not much of a future for the two of you.

11. Put yourself out there.
Take the risk and really let your soul shine! It can be scary meeting new people and going on dates. But if you really want to find love, you have to do it. It’ll be worth it in the end.

12. Slow and steady wins the race.
There’s no need to rush into things. And don’t feel worried if you didn’t get a text or call the day after your first date. Let it all come together naturally. If romance is in the air, it will happen. Take things slowly, step by step. You’ve got time to work through your feelings for the other person and you want them to be sure about their feelings for you, too.

13. Stay true to what you’re passionate about.
Don’t change who you are or forget about what you care about. It’s very important to stay true to yourself throughout this whole process. Make sure your date knows what your passions are and the things that you aren’t going to change for anybody.

14. Attend events.
Get on singles forums and Facebook groups. Find singles events for people your age and actually go to them! Remember, everyone else there is in the same position as you are! Maybe even try out a speed dating event to meet more than one person in the same night.

15. Remember, age is just a number.
You may be older than your date, or your date may be older than you. It doesn’t matter. Focus on your values, likes and dislikes. Do the two of you click together?

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