Dating someone from a different culture gives you a whole new view of the world. You get to try new cuisine, travel to new places and maybe even learn a new language. While it can seem like an enchanting, beautiful thing at the beginning, let me tell you it has its challenges too. Try to make it work and take note of these tips for dating someone from a different culture.

1. Don’t believe the stereotypes.
Try not to label your partner from the beginning, whether they be bad or good stereotypes. Let them show you how they are and learn the real truth. There is nothing more annoying than someone who generalizes you to be a certain way just because you’re from a particular country.

2. Don’t compare them to people from your country.
Comparing your cultures and countries will do your relationship little good, especially at the beginning. Accept that they are different and are going to do things differently. Just like no one wants to constantly be compared to their partners ex, they don’t want to be compared to how people do things in your country.

3. Don’t compare your nationality to theirs.
There is no need to compare nationalities, especially not in a negative way. You were raised differently and each one is going to have a right way of doing things.

4. Respect their culture.
Don’t ever try to take their culture away from them. By doing this you will be erasing a part of them in a way.

5. Be very patient with communication.
Every culture has a unique way of communicating. It’s hard enough to get on the same page between a man and a woman from the same country! It’s even harder trying to communicate with someone from a different culture. And that’s two-fold if you both don’t fluently speak the same native language. It’s going to be frustrating AF in the beginning but be patient. Overtime, the two of you will learn how to improve communication.

6. Learn what romance means to them.
Romance means something different to almost every person in the world. It depends on your likes, hobbies and the way you were raised. Let your someone special express themselves and show you romance in a way you’ve never seen it before.

7. Show interest in their ways.
Some things may seem weird, but don’t write it off right away. Show interest in what they are doing and try to understand why the do things differently than you.

8. Integrate parts of their culture into your routines.
A relationship is all about compromise and should never be one-sided. Make sure both of your cultures are present in your day-to-day routines. Make the extra effort to show them that you accept their principles and you want them to keep up with them.

9. Recognize efforts.
It’s not easy being in a cross-cultural relationship and both of you have to do things that maybe you’re not 100% comfortable with. If you notice that your partner has done something for you which is out of their native comfort zone, show them your appreciation. Even if it is in the tiniest of way.

10. Learn to compromise… on literally everything.
Meals. Holiday traditions. Names. Gifts. Money. Just like in “normal” relationships, but on a different level. Learn to discuss the pros and cons of each decision without automatically choosing what you think is right. You will only push your partner away if you don’t allow them to integrate their culture and traditions into your lives.

11. Accept your differences.
The two of you a very different and you should be proud of that. One thing that you have in common is a love for one another. Don’t lose sight of the reason you fell for them in the first place. Embrace your differences, it’s what makes your relationship one of a kind.

12. Get ready to travel more often.
One of the perks (in my opinion) of falling for someone from a different culture is you get to travel more often. You need to get to know their country and meet their family. They need to see your country and meet your family. And then you’ll also need time for relaxing getaways to some foreign lands where it will just be the two of you.

13. Learn patience in all aspects.
Patience is the golden keto to dating someone from a different culture. Give it time to work itself out. Take lots of deep breaths. Go for walks to think things through. No one ever said love was easy. Be patient and make it work.

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