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Nowadays it’s common to try to get dates or meet people by creating a profile on social networks or dating sites. There are many to choose from, but they all have something in common: popularity ratings. How many people visit your profile, your weekly ranking, the comments they make, the cupid arrows other users send you. This depends largely on what you put in your profile. The introduction, your tastes, your personal data… With these tips, your profile will be the most visited:

1. A picture is worth a thousand words.
When a page is scanned on online dating sites, it is important to post a good photograph. Most of the profiles which include a personal picture, don’t go unnoticed. Ideally, you should put more than one photo. One where you can see your face in the foreground; other which include your whole body and another one which shows you doing something that defines you, something that you enjoy doing. Painting, riding a motorcycle or bicycle, playing sports, etc. It is not advisable to put pictures next to other people, as in the example below, much less if these people include one of your exes. We also discourage uploading any unappealing images of ourselves or any old photographs which no longer truly represent what we look like now.

2. Define yourself.
An opening sentence that is attractive, your hallmark; something that defines you, showing your personality. Calm, optimistic, cheerful, confident. It should grab others’ attention and incite them to read of your profile. Nothing is more discourage than a boring into.

3. Who tells all, talks too much.
You must talk about your hobbies, your taste, but only giving some small initial brushstrokes. You must create intrigue in your description, leaving readers wanting to know more. You do not have to tell every single detail of your life. If you tell them everything from the beginning, you lose the opportunity to be asked about your life in other occasions. That’s where the phrase “get to know someone better” comes in. The right time and place to tell all is a process. Don’t spill all the beans before you even get the chance to speak to someone.

4. Five out of five.
In your profile you have to explain five reasons why you should write. Five reasons why others should be interested in dating you. He talks about you. Tell how you are. Try to stand out from other profiles to create a pleasant environment that makes him want to meet you. No one can resist a sexy and fun profile. Tell the truth and believe in yourself and your personal story. If you do not believe, no one will.

5. Be positive.
Keep your comments optimistic. If you’ve had previous experiences on dating sites, and have decided to come back, there is no need to proclaim this on your profile. You don’t want to seem unstable. Instead, take all your past dates as learning experiences. In your profile expresses the things you look for in a partner. Do not focus on what you do not. You don’t want to freak out people who are most likely worth getting to know.

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