It can be a sad, materialistic world we live in. And sometimes, people come into your life just to take advantage of what you have worked hard to earn. You have to be careful when it comes to expert manipulators that are just looking for money status. Do you think you are being used as a sugar daddy? Here are the tops signs the girl you’re with is using you for your money, aka she’s a gold digger.

She’s asks about your financial status from the beginning.
Instead of the typical first date questions about what you do in your free time, you find that she’s very interested in what you do for a living. You feel like she is trying to profile you in a financial category to figure out how many figures you are bringing home a year. While it’s normal to ask what you do for a living, a gold digger will be more interested in your title and maybe where you work. She may even goes as far as asking about your family’s money. Keep all of this in mind as she is a pro at getting this type of information without you even realizing it! Try not to give out too many economic details on the first dates. And ask yourself, has she given much detail on her indivdual status and how she supports herself when she’s not with a man?

She wants luxurious gifts.
A lot of girls like getting expensive gifts, but they also love and value sentimental ones as well. A gold digger will show little to no interest in cheap gifts. They may even go as far as rejecting them and asking for something better, more exclusive.

She uses her looks for favors.
Have you noticed that she dresses more promiscuous when she needs something from someone? Consider how she looks when she wants to get in to a fancy night club or needs to ask someone for help. She uses sex appeal to get everything she wants and needs. She will also show you gratification for expensive gifts or favors with sex.

She keeps track of your finances.
You may notice that she somehow knows where you are spending your money and what you should have left to spend on her or other materialistic items. She’s obsessed with money and everything that she can possibly get out of it. She doesn’t miss out on a single detail if you are talking about anything that has to do with money or finances, yet she forgets personal details about your life. She loves spending your cash but doesn’t mind when you can’t spend a lot of time together.

She never pays.
In fact, you find yourself paying far more than usual. Perhaps you have spent more in the beginning of this relationship than you have in your last three combined. She has found a way of manipulating you into paying for everything that is top knotch and buying top of the line jewelry and clothes. Nowadays, a woman will try to pay the tab at some point on the first couple of dates… or at least offer!

Her friends are gold diggers.
If you’re starting to get suspicious, have a look at the friends she hangs out with. As Esmeralda Santiago said it best, “Tell me who you walk with, and I’ll tell you who you are.” Sometimes it’s easier to see from afar what people are really like. In relationships, emotions and feelings can mask people, allowing you to see only what they want to show you. But if you can clearly see that her friends are gold diggers on the prowl for sugar daddies, you can probably assume your girl, too, is a gold digger.

She’s status-obsessed.
Take a step back and look at her goals in life. A gold digger only wants to go to the hippest places and lives a very luxurious lifestyle. She is constantly comparing herself to socialites and celebs, trying to match everything they have and do.

She’s out of your league.
Sorry to say it guys, but if she’s way hotter than anyone you ever imagined being into you, she probably has ulterior motives. Looking back on things, did she approach you on a particular night that you were being extra flashy? Did she see your shiny Rolex from across the room? Maybe she saw you pull up to vallet parking in your new Porsche. Consider the fact that she noticed that you have money before she even looked at your face and already decided that she was going to be with you.

She has a sense of entitlement.
A gold digger feels entitled to everything without having to do much. She talks about everything she has done or clothes she has worn with an arrogance. It’s like she’s trying to get across the point that she wants to and will continue to live this priveledged life that she has done nothing to earn. She truly believes that she deserves what you give her, and she wants to be treated like royalty. And when it’s all said and done, it’s her way or the highway… on to the next rich bachelor.

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