Successful relationships take a lot of time and effort… from both sides. The majority of the one-sided relationships don’t work out in the long run. And if you’ve ever been in the situation where you feel like you are the only one trying to make things work, you know that it is absolutely exhausting. It’s not only a waste of your time, but also your energy. Avoid these unfair relationships or get out of one that you’re currently in by checking out the following signs that you’re wasting your time in a relationship that’s going nowhere.

1. Their text messages are sub-par.
Sure, the two of you chat and keep up with each other, but do they really answer you or actually ask you any questions? If you notice the text messages are short and to the point, then they’re not making much of an effort, are they?

2. They rarely show affection.
We’re not just talking about PDA here. They don’t touch you, unless they want something else. And it doesn’t count that you’re touching them. Take a step back and see if they make the effort to approach you, give you a hug, put their arm around you or brush your hand.

3. They’re not responsive on social media sites.
Ok, so some people aren’t big Facebook or Instagram fans. But if you notice that your partner has no problem chatting it up with other people but never responds to you, you’ve got a problem.

4. You realize that you actually know very little about who they are.
Despite spending a lot of time together, you don’t know them on a deep level. Everything they have shared with you is quite superficial. They are keeping you in the dark for a reason and they don’t want to you know anymore about them.

5. They don’t make plans to spend time with you.
Are you the only one making the effort to set up dates? You may even notice that they are not always on board with everything you suggest. And when they do agree to meet up, they lack enthusiasm and are nonchalant about it all. If you feel like if doesn’t want to be there and would much rather be somewhere else, you’re wasting your time for sure.

6. There is a lot of dead silence between the two of you.
In a relationship that doesn’t have a future, couples tend to run out of things to talk about. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t come up with a topic worthwhile. In a long-term relationship, couple usually find that they can’t stop talking to each other. There’s never enough time to say everything!

7. They barely make eye contact with you.
Eye contact is a sign of respect. It’s a way of looking deep into someone’s soul and getting to know them on a more profound level. If your partner doesn’t look at you, like truly look at you, they are most likely trying to hide something or block feelings from escalating any further. And if they spend most of their time looking at their phone, they’re just plain rude.

8. They forgets your personal details.
You’ve told them multiple times about your likes, hobbies, etc. yet they never seems to remember them. Fact of the matter is that they’re not actually listening to you when you talk to them because they don’t care.

9. The two of you don’t agree on core values.
Central issues like morals, religion, etc. don’t have to be 100% shared between couples, but it’s a healthy sign if you agree on some core values.

10. You are not one of his priorities.
For a couple to make things work, they need to prioritize each other. Things you did when you were single or at the beginning of the relationship, need to be put on the backburner. We’re not saying that you both need to drop everything to be with each other, but you should come before other people and things. If they aren’t making time for you, it’s probably a bad sign for the future of your relationship.

11. When he talks about the future, you’re nowhere to be found.
Maybe they have big plans to travel the world or get their master’s degree somewhere out of state. And while having future plans show ambition, they could also show you where you stand in their book. If they fail to mention a ‘we’ while mentioning any of their future plans, it’s probably because they are not planning on taking you along for the ride. You’re just a time filler until their next chapter starts.

12. You don’t know why, but it doesn’t feel right.
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, stick to your gut feeling when it comes to these things. You know yourself better than you like to admit, and if your heart’s not all in it or you feel like your partner’s isn’t at all, trust your instinct and stop wasting your time.

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