Don’t make dating any harder than it needs to be. Follow these top tips to successful online dating and you’ll be sure to meet more people along the lines of what you are looking for.

Choose the right dating sites.
Sites, plural. There is no need to focus all your attentions on one website. Do your research and decide which ones best suit you and the type of relationship you are looking for. If you’re trying to find a someone who is interested in a long-term relationship, don’t sign up on Tinder. If you’re not a homesexual or bisexual male looking for a one night stand, don’t sign up on Grindr. Figure out what you want and set up your profile accordingly.

Really focus on your pictures.
It may sound shallow, but the first way you’re going to attract dates is with your pictures. Put up AT LEAST two pictures of yourself. One picture should be somewhat full length. Make sure you are giving off a welcoming look in your photos. Try to avoid selfies and glamour shots; everyone knows those are only taken from your best angle. Avoid posting multiple pictures with other people. We’re sure your friends and family are great, but it’s not the time or place to show them off. Think about pictures with your pets instead. If you’re a dog or cat owner, other animal lovers will be more drawn to your profile. Lastly, keep your clothes on! If the online dating site you choose gives you plenty of options for pictures, use them.

Keep your profile updated.
Talk about some specifics without telling all. Your profile should be interesting, maybe a bit canny and intriguing. The point is for the reader to want to get to know you more. Avoid all negativity, instead write about what you are looking for. There’s always a positive spin to everything negative you want to say.

Choose an appropriate username and tagline.
This one goes without having to say much. Don’t reuse your AOL screenname from middle school. SexyBabe, CoolDude, TooHot4U, 6packBaby, FartLuvR… you get the point.

Look at pictures and read profiles.
First, they should have more than one picture. And if they don’t ask for more in a PM. If they aren’t smiling, ask for a picture of their smile. Or if pretty eyes make you melt, ask for a picture without their sunglasses on. If the end goal is to meet in person, they shouldn’t be afraid to show you more pictures of themselves. Also, really read their profile. And then read it again. Ask them about things they have written about and see if you feel like you will be able to get to know them on a deeper level.

Go online regularly.
There is no need to leave someone waiting when it comes to online dating. Try to get online every day or every other day for at least 20-30 minutes. Research shows that Sundays are the best days to interact because it is the day users are most active online.

Participate and be original.
Whatever you do, don’t copy and paste messages to people. Personalize what you send to people. Use their names, flirt a little bit without getting sexual. This is a great time to be light and joke around a bit. Show your sense of humor. Your response rate will increase rapidly if you focus on being genuine rather than general.

Talk on the phone.
We live in an age that is becoming scared of chatting on the phone. We are so used to email and texting, that we have forgotten the importance of actual conversations. Get on the phone with someone you are planning to meet for a date. Have at least one conversation with them before meeting. It will really help with the process.

Try to avoid Google.
There is a girl we know that is as genuine and sweet as they come. But if you Google her name, all you will see are pictures of a porn star with a lot of makeup. Unfortunately for this girl, they seem to have similar features. Without even giving her a chance, people may assume that it’s her. Stay away from Google, we’re not all crazy porn stars!

Go into your dates with the right mentality.
Be positive and confident. This type of attitude is attractive and will help the atmosphere of the date. Be open to the fact that there may not be a connection between the two of you, and that’s ok. That’s what dating is all about. You never know who you’re going to meet!

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